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Fostering data-driven conversations

Data is the key to business transformation, as companies look to accelerate into the post-pandemic new normal. However, many organisations across Asia-Pacific are struggling to fully unlock their data potential as they are still coming to terms with the structural changes to their workplaces such as a hybrid workforce and an increase in freelance and flexible staffing. Communication is critical to any transformational project, and there is evidence that communication within the new hybrid workplace is breaking down: half of executives think they have been engaging employees more in decision-making since the pandemic, while only 27% of employees agree.

Data democratisation and empowerment can only be fully realised in a business where people are communicating with meaning and purpose. So how can organisations foster a company culture that is based on quality conversations around data? 

In this session, Charles Ross, Principal, public policy and thought leadership, The Economist Group and business leaders from across the region discuss how organisations can foster meaningful conversations around data to aid their business transformations.

About the speakers

Charles Ross

Charles Ross

Principal, Policy and Insights
Economist Impact

Charles is currently Principal of technology and society at Economist Impact where he leads the Asia-Pacific technology and society practice and oversees the growth of the business in Australia. His team of editors, consultants, economists, and analysts work with multinationals, governments, SMEs and high-growth technology firms to create independent research and insights programmes which have a meaningful impact on society’s most pressing issues.

A research, insights and strategy expert with a deep practical knowledge of business drawn from almost 20 years of working either within companies to set strategy and deliver on business outcomes, or as an external consultant and researcher. Practical experience is underpinned by formal training, including an MBA undertaken at the University of Oxford and professional courses at the London School of Economics.


Irene Ng

Head of Marketing - APJ Tableau

Irene Ng is the Head of Marketing for Tableau Asia Pacific & Japan. She is passionate about using data to solve business issues and helping our customers on the data transformation journey. She enjoys working with multi-functional teams in sales, demand generation, digital, customer marketing and customer success to make positive business impact. What is top of mind for her is to get more companies to have a Data Culture mindset, so that everyone can unlock the potential of data and quality decision making.

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