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Tableau for Teaching Data Camp 2023 Day 2: Teaching and learning resources

After hearing about how Butler University students took data analytics lessons in the classroom and turned them into business innovations, you'll want to know how your students can learn the same. In this session, we cover the different tools and resources available to you and how you can apply them in your class. If you'd like to share an overview of our program with leadership or colleagues, check out our Academic Programs Flyer.

About the speaker


Jessica Lyons

Senior Academic Program Manager, Tableau

Jessica Lyons is a Senior Program Manager for Tableau for Teaching, Adjunct Psychology Professor, Data Strategist, and more importantly a mother to four amazing individuals. Jessica has dedicated the last 8 years of life to Data Analytics, Teaching, and Program evaluation. Jessica has spent nearly a decade working in various areas of education. She's been on the Board of Education for School District 428 and chaired the Illinois State Board of Education CCOP committee. She's been a District Data Analyst and an Account Manager with NWEA. She also founded a small consulting business and presents at various educational conferences. Jessica has cultivated her skills and found the intersections between cultural psychology, assessment, and education through data literacy.

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