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Tableau for Financial Services and Insurance

Financial services advisors, managers, and executives face complex decisions every day.  Tableau can help our Financial Services and Insurance customers gain insights and answer critical questions with data-driven decision.

Watch this on-demand webinar:

  • Learn specific use-cases for Banking, Wealth, and Insurance across the Financial Industry.
  • How analytics can improve customer experience, drive operational efficiencies, and manage risk with data-driven decisions.

Want to see more? Watch Financial Services Analytics: Demo Series - Each demo will explore how using powerful analytics enables you with data-driven customer insights, predictive models, and AI recommendations—so you can boost productivity, efficiently, and decision-making.


About the speakers


Greg Haislip

RVP Strategic Banking, Financial Services, Tableau

Greg Haislip leads the Strategic Banking Sales team for Tableau in the US. He is responsible for overall client satisfaction, revenue growth and account management for the Top 20 largest banks in the US

Prior to joining Tableau, Greg was a Global Accounts Director for several enterprise software firms in the Financial Services sector including Microsoft, Oracle and Good Technology. Greg was also part of Microsoft’s Financial Services Group for eleven years where he was part of the original team that launched the Financial Services vertical. He also held several positions including Global Client Director for Bank of America, Director of Industry Solutions for the US Banking segment and Managing Director for Financial Services strategy for the Consulting Organization in North America.

Greg has over 35 years of Financial Services experience and spent 10 years in commercial and retail banking prior to moving into the technology industry. Greg holds a BS in Finance from the University of Florida.

Sarah Keren

Sarah Keren

Vice President of US Enterprise Financial Services at Tableau Software

Tableau helps people see and understand data, and that’s exactly what Sarah thrives upon. She is passionate about building strategies that leverage technology innovation to address business goals.

Sarah enjoys partnering with Fortune 100 companies and listening to their leaders to ensure their success. She has been with Tableau for nearly three years; prior she was at Cisco for 13 years where she was recognized in the top 1% of a 20,000 person sales force. Combining her dedication to data and women’s empowerment, she was President of Cisco’s “Connected Women” Northeast chapter with over 1,400 attendees globally and launched Tableau’s Women in Leadership series.

Originally from Ohio, Sarah moved to New York City over 10 years ago and is a proud wife and mother to her husband Roger and two kids, Chase (4 years), Charlotte (2 years). Sarah graduated Summa cum Laude with Honors from The Ohio State University.


Jeff Black

Director of Solution Engineering, Tableau

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