On-Demand Webinar

Salesforce + Tableau: How data and insights put companies on the road to success

The global pandemic challenged businesses around the world; knowing and connecting with your customer can now be more difficult than ever.

In 2020, 82% of data-driven companies reported that their data focus gave them a competitive edge; highlighting the importance of having the technology and data in place to not only reach customers where they are but meet their new expectations around personalised experiences.

Learn how the power of data can help:

  • Unlock powerful insights to drive growth
  • Uncover hidden opportunities
  • Deliver seamless, connected customer experiences.

Watch this webinar as we unpack the steps to supercharge your growth by bringing together the #1 CRM and #1 Analytics Platform.


Jess O'Reilly - AVP, Digital 360, ASEAN, Salesforce
Rob Wickham - VP, Strategy & Growth, APJ, Tableau
Luigi Casas - VP, Corporate Relationship Management - PLDT Enterprise


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