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Harness the Power of AI for Faster, Smarter Supply Chain Insights

Streamlining the supply chain means managing multiple complex factors all at once, in real time: optimizing inventory, streamlining transportation, and delivering just in time, every time. Analysts and domain experts need to be able to make smarter decisions faster and with more confidence. Tableau Business Science is a new class of AI-powered analytics that brings the powerful capabilities of AI into the hands of business people. As part of this new toolkit, the latest Tableau extension, Einstein Discovery, allows users to leverage machine learning (ML) to build advanced analytics models via Tableau Prep or Tableau Desktop and share their insights within the secure, governed framework of the Tableau ecosystem. Join Razvan Nistor, PhD, and Adam Mico from Tableau Gold Partner, Keyrus, to learn how Business Science can help you:

  • Accurately predict machine downtime to allow you to take preventative action
  • Utilize Human Capital forecasting to predict who is going to maximize output and understand bottlenecks
  • Optimize your Supply Chain by predicting late or on-time deliveries (just in time)

About the speaker


Adam Mico

Principal, Data Viz and Enablement at Moderna

Adam is a 2022 Tableau Visionary, Tableau Social Ambassador, 2020 Tableau Featured Author, 2020 Michael Cristiani Community Leadership Winner, and Data Leadership Collaborative Advisory Board Member. In addition to community-building, he focuses on making data visualization inclusive through smart design applying clean and actionable data-driven insights.

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