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Traditionally, organizations are prone to falling into cycles of reactive problem-solving. It’s faster, easier, and doesn’t disrupt the status quo. Additionally, organizations are facing more uncertainty than ever with shifts in: supply chain, their internal culture and other external factors. We are on a quest to help organizations get in front of problems and solve them before they even happen, and have an exciting lineup of speakers who feel the same. Join Tableau for this free, virtual event where you'll hear from data leaders at Verizon, Cargill, Kellogg Company, and The Wharton School, who will share how they transformed their organization’s culture to be one where data is essential to solving problems.

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Featured speakers

Mary Purk

Executive Director, AI for Business,Wharton Customer Analytics
The Wharton School

Justin Shelite

Strategic Supply Chain Design and Analytics Manager

Nate Vogel

Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Partner Readiness

Nolen Akerman

Principal Data Scientist - Global Analytics
Kellogg Company

Siddharth Dayama

Senior Manager - Data Analytics

Kiyoshi Jones

Director of Solution Consulting

Charmila Ajmera

Inclusion Manager

Keith Wikle

Senior Solutions Architect
Kellogg Company



Get ready to learn, connect, and engage with thought leaders and a broad community of data enthusiasts. Tableau hosts Note Vogel and Charmila Ajmera will welcome attendees and introduce the lineup of speakers.

Hosts: Nate Vogel, VP of Worldwide Sales & Partner Readiness, Tableau, and Charmila Ajmera, Inclusion Manager, Tableau

Nate has been at Tableau for 8 years and leads all internal, strategic readiness efforts for World-Wide Sales & Partners for Tableau. Readiness and Nate will be responsible for the continuous transformation of the sales organization and our partners by providing and implementing sales training, coaching, onboarding, content generation, metrics, e-learning, and technology, along with the associated processes and systems to support. This includes just-in-time training as well as programs designed to enable the sales team to hit and exceed quota, for example onboarding, the selling of subscription, and account planning for both sales and partners. Furthermore, key focus areas are management development, learning & development best practices, partner training, and overall field readiness built for the next generation of Tableau. Nate has a significant impact on Tableau's global sales team, sales leadership, partners and company performance.

Charmila has been at Tableau for 7.5 years and has grown her career across various roles in the Sales enablement space. A few months ago, she joined Tableau’s Equality team and is dedicated to furthering equity, inclusion, and diversity across our team. Charmila also recently completed her master’s degree in Public Policy and Governance from the University of Washington, where she specialized in antiracist, intersectional, equitable policy-making. She approaches her work at Tableau with a focus on systemic and organizational change and is excited to help Salesforce and Tableau become leaders in the Technology industry as we work to further equity in lasting, meaningful ways.

Verizon: Empowering Stakeholders to Enhance Customer Experience

Speaker: Siddharth Dayama, Senior Manager, Data Analytics, Verizon

During this session, you will hear Kiyoshi Jones, Director of Solution Consulting at Tableau, interview Siddharth Dayama, Senior Manager, Data Analytics from Verizon. Kiyoshi and Sid will discuss how Verizon empowers thousands of stakeholders with self-service analytics to make data-driven decisions, ultimately solving problems.

Sid leads the Visual Analytics team in Customer Service Operations in Verizon. Managing one of the biggest Tableau sites in Verizon, his team's dashboards have been used company-wide to monitor call center operations. He was awarded the 2018 Directors Cut Award and several Verizon Spotlight Awards for his insights driven dashboards that reduced analysis time and supported many key business decisions. Sid's work and thought leadership has been featured in various articles, case studies and blogs including the Journal of Data Visualization Society and the Official Tableau Blog. He was invited to speak at the 2019 and 2018 Tableau Conference where he was recognized as one of top five customer speakers. Previously, Sid was the Head of Analytics & Finance at WTA Networks where he worked with some of the world's best athletes on monetizing their fan-base. Sid holds a Master's from New York University and his thesis focussed on corporate governance, risk assessment and equity return analysis of media and entertainment companies.

Session moderator: Kiyoshi Jones, Director of Solution Engineering, Tableau

Kiyoshi Jones is a Director of Solution Engineering focused on the Communications, Media, and Technology industries for Tableau based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He first fell in love with Tableau’s mission over 9 years ago and has since dedicated his career to helping people ‘see and understand their data.’ More specifically, Kiyoshi helps large enterprise customers modernize their technology and processes in their journey towards becoming data-driven organizations. He is passionate about education, technology, community, and data. When he is not having fun with data in Tableau, he can likely be found spending time outdoors with his family, reading, or gardening. Before Tableau, Kiyoshi worked for the Seattle School District as a Network Analyst where he was critical in upgrading their network infrastructure.

Cargill: Building a Data-Driven Culture for Times of Crisis

Speaker: Justin Shelite, Strategic Supply Chain Design and Analytics Manager, Cargill

During initial stages of the pandemic, many people scrambled to stock-pile food and supplies. We all know that animal protein, such as beef, was in short supply due to a drastic demand shift from foodservice to retail. At Cargill, we provide retail stores with the protein they need to supply their communities. To ensure equal and adequate supply among all these communities and stores, we had to find a good and efficient way to figure out where to ship our product with limited capacity. For Cargill, that meant relying on data that was visualized in a digestible way, available to all. We’ll show you how building a data driven culture allows for solving problems quickly and efficiently, avoiding problems in the future, and gaining some unexpected, yet positive, side effects.

Justin Shelite is a Strategic Supply Chain Design and Analytics Manager at Cargill and leads a team of amazing supply chain analysts out of Wichita, Kansas at the Cargill Protein headquarters. The team focuses on building a healthy data driven culture in our supply chain by keeping up to date digital twins of our supply chain for “what if” analysis and long-term scenario planning. We build data products and visualizations to help make faster, better data driven decisions. I’m married with 2 boys ages 9 and 11 that keep me busy coaching them in sports most of the year.

Kellogg: Coordinating and Cultivating Data Visualization Talent

Speakers: Nolen Akerman, Principal Data Scientist - Global Analytics, Kellogg Company
Keith Wikle, Senior Solutions Architect, Kellogg Company

Large companies are faced with the need to provide data and insights to all their employees. Often, the data visualization talent is dispersed within various functional silos working on the same problems with redundant approaches. At Kellogg, we recognized the need to align our organization into a ‘hub’ to harness this talent and share among teams. During this session, we’ll provide tips & tricks to structure the hub, gain leadership approval and handle culture issues and will showcase the tools (KMAX rooms, style guides, and internal training) implemented.

Kellogg is based out of Battle Creek, Michigan and is a leading producer of cereal and a leader in crackers, savory snacks, and veggie food production. Nolen Akerman is a principal data scientist in the global analytics group at the Kellogg Company where he implements and supports data analysis and data visualization to answer relevant business questions. He has over 20 years of industry experience in a variety of roles within manufacturing, R&D, information technology, and advanced analytics. He holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in industrial engineering from Western Michigan University and has conducted research on applying unstructured data analysis techniques for evaluation of product advantage components, organizational culture, and consumer feedback.

Keith Wikle is a Senior Solutions Architect within Kellogg’s IT organization responsible for the technical design and deployment of commercial analytics solutions. He is also the Data Viz lead for the Center of Excellence and Tableau Platform Owner. Keith joined Kellogg’s in 2012.

Mary Purk, The Wharton School: Creating Analytic Impact with Storytelling

Companies are quickly recognizing that artful storytellers are the last puzzle piece needed to maximize the investment in data science, data lakes and terabytes of data. Companies are increasingly engaging in innovative corporate strategies to promote storytelling through experiential learning, test and learn practices and the power of upstream problem solving. New technologies and applications, such as ML, blockchain and AI are influencing corporate data and analytics strategies in ways that are only partially understood. It’s critical that enterprises foster a true, learning-based conversation around the effective use of such technologies and the framework that should govern their use.

As the Executive Director of both AI for Business and Wharton Customer Analytics at the Wharton School, Mary Purk leads the academic research centers that focus on the
development and application of cutting-edge AI and business analytics methods. Through “learning by doing” experiential programs, Ms. Purk connects companies with students, academics, and professionals across multiple industries to solve complex, real-world business challenges using machine learning, AI, and big data.
Ms. Purk has held principal roles at Accenture, Nielsen and IRI developing and implementing enterprise-wide business intelligence platforms focused on customers and brand equity. Her expertise includes A/B testing, forecast models, consumer segmentations, marketing mix analysis, product assortments, pricing, and storytelling. Mary’s research experience includes leading the Retail Research Center at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
Ms. Purk is a proud MBA alumnus of the University of Chicago Booth and the University of Illinois Gies School of Business. She has designed and instructed executive education courses, presented at numerous conferences, and published papers in the Journal of Marketing and Journal of Retailing.

Closing Remarks

Briefly revisit the talks and thoughts presented during the event, and prepare to take action on applying data to solve problems that impact your organization.