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The New Leadership Mindset: Putting Data First

Ongoing developments surrounding the global pandemic have required companies to reevaluate every aspect of their business. Business leaders have had to adopt innovative strategies to remain competitive, and many have relied on data and insights to lead through change and adjust to evolving customer expectations and business challenges. Having a foundation of data-driven insights helps companies realign resources, become more agile and adapt to shifts in market conditions.

Watch the first episode of a four-part virtual event series from Forbes and Tableau, where panelists from Tableau, Salesforce, Puppet, and Tanium presented their perspectives on putting data first in times of uncertainty. On-Demand Series Page >

About the speakers


Peter High

Forbes Contributor & President of Metis Strategy

Peter is the president of Metis Strategy, a business and IT strategy firm that he founded in 2001. He has advised many of the best chief information officers at multi-billion dollar corporations in the United States and abroad. He's written for the Wall Street Journal, CIO Magazine, CIO Insight, Information Week and several other periodicals. Since 2008, he moderated a widely listened to podcast entitled “Technovation with Peter High,” which features a wide array of IT thought-leaders, and is available at www.forumonworldclassit.com on a weekly basis.


Adam Selipsky

Former President & CEO, Tableau

Adam Selipsky is the former President and CEO at Tableau. Selipsky spent over a decade building Amazon Web Services, one of the most successful technology platforms in the world. His leadership helped grow AWS from a start-up into a multi-billion dollar business and establish it as the undisputed market leader in cloud computing. Selipsky served as Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Support for AWS. Prior to joining Amazon, he was an executive at RealNetworks, leading the video subscription and media player division. Before that, he was a Principal at Mercer Management Consulting, a strategy consulting firm. He holds an A.B. in government and an MBA from Harvard University.


Yvonne Wassenaar

CEO at Puppet

Yvonne Wassenaar is the CEO of Puppet, a trusted enterprise provider of pervasive automation across traditional and cloud-native environments. She has more than 25 years of experience scaling companies globally and driving enterprise transformation with technology. Prior to Puppet, Yvonne served as CEO of Airware, CIO at New Relic, and held multiple leadership roles at VMware and Accenture. She is currently a board member of Forrester (FORR) and Harvey Mudd College. Amidst growing concerns with how modern technology could be used, Yvonne is championing it to drive a safer, more efficient and innovative planet.


Christian Leffin

Strategic Customer Advisor, Office of the CEO at Salesforce

Christian has 20+ years of international experience as an entrepreneur and customer-focused leader. He is dedicated to inspiring and enabling the C-Suite to drive digital transformation across business models, culture, and technology. He is committed to shift the focus from shareholders to stakeholders and to drive equality for all.


Orion Hindawi

Co-Founder & CEO at Tanium

Orion Hindawi co-founded Tanium in 2007 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. He leads the product strategy and development of the Tanium platform, in addition to all customer-facing technical operations and management functions. A technology visionary and accomplished inventor, Orion has led the development of enterprise-scale endpoint security and management platforms for the past 18 years at BigFix, Inc. (acquired by IBM in 2010) and Tanium, in addition to holding multiple software patents in the areas of network communications and systems management. Orion works closely with Tanium customers on a daily basis in the pursuit of inventing new approaches for solving the significant challenges IT departments face securing and managing large, global enterprise environments.

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