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Modernizing the Global Manufacturing Supply Chain with Data

Manufacturers and supply chain leaders recognize the importance of visibility and foresight and their impact on these priorities, and have accelerated their adoption of technologies to use their data more effectively. Data, analytics, and AI are at the core of helping manufacturing operations leave the world of spreadsheets and error prone manual calculation, and build a modernized supply chain with more accurate forecasting. Hear from Tableau experts, industry leaders, Goodyear and Honeywell. See us in action with a LIVE demo! Join us as we discuss;

  • Supply Chain Visibility and Predictive Guidance -AI capabilities inside Tableau
  • Forecasting shortfalls and how a manager can respond to an underperforming quarter - utilizing Tableau’s Revenue Intelligence for the manufacturing industry


12PM - Welcome - Sarah Uranowski - Tableau Industry Marketer

12:05PM - Opening Message - Chris Benoit - Tableau RVP Manufacturing & Energy

12:10PM - Industry Trends - Nanda Chitrala - Tableau Director Industry Solutions & Strategy

12:20PM - Customer Story - Industry Partners - Honeywell

12:30PM - LIVE Demo w/AI - Andrew Hill - Tableau Solutions Engineer

12:40PM - Community Chat - Q&A - Tableau, Goodyear, Honeywell

12:55PM - Wrap Up


Sarah Uranowski  Sarah Uranowski, Industry Marketer, Manufacturing, Tableau

Chris Benoit Chris Benoit, RVP Enterprise Sales, Manufacturing & Energy, Tableau 

Nanda Chitrala Nanda Chitrala, Director, Industry Solutions & Strategy, Manufacturing, Tableau

Andrew Hill Andrew Hill, Principal Solutions Engineer, Manufacturing, Tableau

Jennifer Green  Jennifer Greene, Sr. Business Process Specialist/Data & Analytics, Goodyear 

Nicholas Maffucci  Nicholas Maffucci, Sr. ISC Analytics Specialist, Honeywell

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