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Integrating Advanced Analytics into the BJC HealthCare Supply Chain

The Supply Chain team at BJC HealthCare was tasked with reducing expenses by $212 million over four years while maintaining quality patient outcomes. Lack of visibility into system-wide purchases posed significant challenges to determining high value supplies and leveraging economies of scale. BJC Supply Chain implemented Tableau to organize and access its disparate data sources. This unprecedented access enabled cross-functional teams to execute logistical, utilization, sourcing, and procurement strategies with measurable impact. Departments across BJC subsequently adopted Tableau, empowering and engaging analysts, while fostering a cultural shift in data analytics.

Gartner recognized BJC with the 2015 SupplyChain Innovator Award.

About the speakers

Lynn Kersting

Strategic Manager, Supply Chain Analytics, BJC HealthCare

Robert Royer

Senior Business Analyst, Supply Chain Analytics, BJC HealthCare
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