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Extreme Sports: Using Data to Beat the Weather

When it comes to wind, water and air sports, understanding weather data is critical.
In this webinar with Interworks, see Tableau in action visually analysing extreme sports data to better understand and beat the weather in competition.

You'll learn how to build interactive visualisations and dashboards that unlock powerful weather and competition insights, propelling real-world action. Analysing data from three professional kiteboarding, windsurfing, and paragliding tournaments, see how Tableau enables you to ask deeper questions and deliver meaningful answers.

Discover how Tableau can answer important extreme sports questions:

  • Did the weather affect the results? See how to visualise weather on a map
  • Who prevailed against the elements on land, air, and sea? We'll visualise all the data in one dashboard
  • Were there any shock results that changed the world rankings? Learn how to build a story out of data
  • Is the kit getting stronger or are the competitors getting faster? See how we drill down into the data

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About the speakers

Sian Davies

Analytics Consultant - Interworks
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