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Develop an Educational Plan to Raise Data Skills

Simply having access to Tableau isn't enough when building a Data Culture; organisations need to equip their employees with the analytical skills needed to use Tableau and realise their potential.

Watch this webinar to learn how your organisation can develop a specialised educational program to raise data skills and the 'analytical IQ' among all employees.

Learn how your organisation can:

  • Identify the analytical skills needed for each job function and organisational role.
  • Develop an analytics training program that fits the needs and learning styles of individual users.
  • Validate product knowledge through Tableau certification.

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About the speaker


Mas Iqbal

Senior Customer Success Manager, Tableau

Mas is a Senior Customer Success Manager at Tableau based in our Singapore office. She's an expert at helping many of our customers accelerate their time to adoption by driving an agile deployment.

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