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Data + Movies: Simple Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Viz

Ready to turn your data visualisations into blockbuster masterpieces?

Watch this webinar to discover the secrets of transforming your basic Data + Movies starter dashboard into a visually stunning star!

Whether you're a Tableau beginner or seasoned pro, this session will empower you with the skills and techniques needed to create impactful visualisations that captivate your audience. From data literacy principles to chart experimentation, you'll gain key insights that will take your projects to new heights. 

Watch now if you want to: 

  • Learn data literacy principles that make your dashboards more effective
  • Uncover the art of storytelling using a Data + Movies starter dashboard
  • Experiment and try new chart types
  • Create a cohesive design or theme

Start creating your viz today with our easy starter kit and expansive dataset from IMDb. 

About the speakers


Kimly Scott

Tableau Visionary, Tableau Public Ambassador

Kimly is a part of the Tableau Community, participating in community initiatives. She has recently been recognized as a Tableau Public Ambassador and a finalist in the global IronViz competition.


Sam Priddy

Sr. Data Skills Program Manager, Tableau

Sam is a data skills expert with a passion for helping others improve their lives through the use and understanding of data. With a degree in graphic design, and a career that spans a variety of industries he has an intimate understanding of, and empathy for the situations that most professionals find themselves in. He uses that knowledge along with his eight years of experience at Tableau to inform and guide his current work to make data skills available and accessible to as many people as possible. When he's not at work you can find him running dogs, hiking with his family, climbing, biking, or working on a project. He loves the outdoors and anything that makes it easier to get outside.

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