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ESG and Sustainability With Tableau:
How to Use Data and AI to Accelerate Your Transformation

Data is the common language that unites every organisation in accelerating ESG and sustainability. With the power of Tableau, organisations can leverage data and AI to drive sustainable and socially responsible actions that consumers expect.

Join this webinar to learn how your organisation can use data and AI to accelerate ESG and sustainability. See how Tableau enables you to understand sustainability performance, visually analyse ESG metrics, and make smart data-driven decisions powered by AI.

You'll discover how Tableau users at Charles Stanley Wealth Managers, L'Occitane and United Utilities are leveraging data to transform their ESG and sustainability strategy—going beyond regulatory requirements to drive innovation and growth.

Register now to discover:

  • How innovative organisations accelerate sustainability using Tableau
  • How to quickly understand all of your ESG and sustainability data
  • How Tableau AI can help you make better business decisions




Tableau as a Data Platform to Become More Sustainable | Tableau
Build Better Tomorrows: How Data Visualization Accelerates ESG Impact and Energy Transparency | Slalom
ESG Insights in Finance: Using Tableau To Maximise Data Impact | Charles Stanley Wealth Managers
Energy Management in the Water Sector | United Utilities
How L’Occitane is leveraging Tableau on its supply chain sustainability journey

About the speakers


Ivan Petrovic

AVP, Tableau Germany

Manuela Suarez

Senior Solution Engineer - Tableau

Manuela is a solutions engineer at Tableau where she is an expert at helping people and organisations see and understand their data.


Misko Flury

Principal Solution Engineer - Tableau, a Salesforce Company

Misko Flury is a principal solution engineer at Tableau where he helps people see and understand data. Before joining Tableau, Misko worked at the European Central Bank and Daimler where he helped them transform into a data-driven organisation using Tableau.

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