On-Demand Webinar

Learning from the Data-Driven Communications of COVID-19

As leaders make critical decisions about COVID-19, the imperative for trustworthy and accessible data communication has never been more vital.

But have governments, health authorities, and media outlets successfully communicated this data? What have been the successes? Where have they fallen short and why? What lessons can we learn from this unprecedented case study that are relevant to all areas of data-driven presentation?

In this webinar, data visualisation experts Andy Cotgreave and Andy Kirk will help you better understand the challenges, responsibilities and opportunities in communicating COVID-19 data.

You’ll discover their perspective on how to handle such rapidly changing and uncertain data, by examining the key contextual, analytical, editorial, and design themes.

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About the speakers

Andy Cotgreave

Technical Evangelism Director, Tableau

Andy Kirk

Data Visualisation Specialist and Founder of visualisingdata.com
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