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Breaking down 17 key traits of data literacy

What is data literacy and what does it look like to be proficient?

Watch this webinar to hear from Ben Jones, author of Avoiding Data Pitfalls and Founder and CEO of Data Literacy, LLC. Ben loves to help people learn the language of data and is a highly experienced and enthusiastic instructor, having taught data to thousands in a variety of corporate settings, academic classrooms, and international conferences.

Ben will challenge you to think beyond the specific data analysis tools you're learning or have mastered, and instead, consider 17 key traits of data literacy. To help orient you, Ben will divide these traits into several categories: knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors. He'll also teach you how to assess your own data literacy strengths and weaknesses.

This is part of the From data to tada: Communicating your insights webinar series.

About the speakers

Ben Jones

Founder at Data Literacy
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