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Data-driven action from the lab to the boardroom with Visual Analytics for Life Sciences

Few industries combine billion-pound bets, cutting-edge science, and global impact like pharmaceuticals and life sciences. Which drugs should we invest in? How can we bring new drugs to market through compliant manufacturing and efficient supply chain operations? How can we streamline sales and clinical operations? What are the biggest risks to our products and our portfolio? These big decisions require big insights.

At major life sciences companies around the world, Tableau supports data-driven action from the lab to the boardroom. Researchers use it to control the quality of high-volume assays, sales leaders use it to improve field sales performance, and marketers get a clear picture of results across physicians, prescriptions, sales, and geography.

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  • Make smarter strategic decisions and decrease time to market through real time insights
  • Empower employees to drive real business impact with self-service analytics
  • Break down data silos through managing your data in an end-to-end platform

About the speakers


Felicity Starr

Regional Sales Director, Business Services, HLS & HiTech, Tableau

Felicity is the Sales Director for Business Services, HLS and HiTech at Tableau. Felicity joined Tableau from Salesforce to enable people to unlock ideas and value through understanding data.


Sara Seylani

Solution Engineer, Tableau

Sara is a Solution Engineer at Tableau based in our London office where she helps people see and understand their data.

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