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5 marketing pain points and how to address them

If you’re in marketing, you might be struggling to solve for one or more of these challenges:

  1. A deluge of data from disparate data sources
  2. Limited team resources and bandwidth
  3. Low marketing budget
  4. Team collaboration at a fast pace
  5. Building trust with sales

In this on-demand webinar, Tableau Product Marketing Manager Louis Archer lets viewers peek behind the curtain of our marketing team to reveal how we address these 5 common marketing dilemmas through data visualization. He will highlight 9 custom dashboards our team has built and provide a live demo to reveal how to build our “Who’s Hot” dashboard for sales that provides a 360 view of seller performance.

This is part of our Data Visualization for Marketers webinar series. View the series page here. View the slide deck.

About the speaker


Louis Archer

Senior Manager, Tableau Community

Louis is a veteran of the Tableau marketing team. In his current role he works with the brilliant Tableau Community to develop even more data rockstars across EMEA. He is also the host of Tableau's Iron Viz Europe competition and a Viz Wiz Champion.

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