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Additional Data Blending Topics

This video covers common issues with data blending, including creating calculations across data sources and dealing with asterisks.

Connecting to Cubes

This video provides an overview on connecting to and using Cubes in Tableau Desktop, including differences from relational data sources.

Understanding Pill Types

Ever wonder why a field in your view isn't behaving as you expected? It may be the pill type - watch this video to learn more about dimensions, measures, and continuous and discrete pills. 

Measure Names and Measure Values

Learn how to use those “Measure Names” and “Measure Values” fields you’ve always ignored in the Data Pane.

Aggregation, Granularity, and Ratio Calculations

Ever need to compute something like clicks/impressions or profit/sales in Tableau? This video shows you how to make sure your calculation is always correct by introducing the concepts of aggregation and granularity of the view.

When to Blend and When to Join

Be able to correctly identify when to blend and when to join based on your data and desired analysis.