Wolters Kluwer Analytics Week

(August 16 - 19, 2021)

We are delighted to welcome you to the first ever Wolters Kluwer Analytics Week!

Tableau is on a mission to help you see and understand your data. Together, our partnership has empowered thousands of users at Wolters Kluwer to ask and answer questions and tell compelling stories with their data.

Dates: August 16 - 19, 2021
Time: Beginning at 12pm EST
Location: Virtual

Get ready for an exciting, jam-packed schedule, showcasing:

  • Tableau for Newbies: All you need to know to get started with Tableau! Including and overview of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep

  • How to drive better insights, actions & results with Tableau CRM

  • Augmented Analytics: leveraging ask & explain data to increase speed to insight

  • What’s new: Some of the most recent product releases

     ...and much more!

The event is free and is for new and existing internal Wolters Kluwer users.


Register below:

Date & Time Session Title  

August 16th
12:00pm - 1:30pm EST

Introduction to Tableau Platform
New to Tableau Desktop? Did you just download a trial or been given a license by your employer? Connecting to your data for the first time? Want to know how to begin? This is the session for you.
Learn how to connect to data, create data visualizations, present your findings, and share your insights with others. Our presenters walk you through the features and functions of Tableau Desktop as you follow along with interactive exercises. You’ll come away with a solid foundation and feel comfortable with analyzing your own data as you go forward on your Tableau journey!
Speakers:  Kathryn Baker Parks & Brianna Newman
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August 17th
12:00pm - 12:30pm EST

Drive Better Insights, Actions & Results with Tableau CRM
Tableau CRM empowers sales, service, and marketing teams to deliver actionable insights through dynamic and interactive data visualization powered by machine learning.
In this demo-driven webinar, our speakers will discuss how Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics) can help your organization make better data-driven decisions and help your business achieve success. You will learn:
  • How to manage and improve your opportunity pipeline and client management through a seamless and native Salesforce experience, beyond simple embedding.
  • The benefits of a modern data architecture and how to enhance your CRM capabilities by unleashing the data sharing power of the Snowflake Data Marketplace.
  • Representative business use cases for Tableau CRM and the differences and features between Einstein Analytics and Tableau.
Speaker: Kathryn Baker Parks
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August 18th
12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

Tableau’s Augmented Analytics: Ask & Explain Data
Augmented analytics gives Tableau users new ways to see and understand data. Without the requirement of having to learn advanced analytic techniques, Tableau has embedded AI/ML capabilities in a very easy to use way so you can more quickly make better data-driven decisions, using features such as:
Explain Data - seamlessly provides AI-driven explanations for the value of a data point with a single click. Based on advanced statistical models, explanations are relevant and integrated, saving analysts’ time and enabling them to uncover insights they may not have found otherwise.
Ask Data - introduces an entirely new way to interact with your data by allowing you to type a question and instantly get a response right in Tableau. Answers come in the form of rich data visualizations with no need to drag-and-drop or understand the nuances of your data’s structure. Fully integrated in the Tableau platform, Ask Data works with existing Tableau data sources.
Speaker:  Kathryn Baker Parks
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August 19th
12:00pm - 1:15pm EST

Tableau Product Roadmap: What’s Next?
This year, Gartner named Tableau as the gold standard for intuitive interactive visual analytics. In Tableau, we continue to devote one of the largest industry percentages to R&D because we’re driven to help you do more with data.
Watch this product roadmap webinar for a sneak peek into the future of Tableau.
Speaker: Larry Clark
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About the speakers

Kathryn Baker Parks, Principal Solution Engineer, Tableau

Kathryn is a Principal Solution Engineer at Tableau. She has been fortunate to spend her career guiding organizations in leveraging their data to create practical analytical solutions that transform everyday interactions -- most recently as an Analytics Consultant and previously as a Director of Data and Information Systems.

Kathryn earned a Juris Doctor degree and a Master of Information Systems from the University of Arkansas.

Brianna Newman, Senior Solution Engineer, Tableau

Brianna is a Senior Solution Engineer that has been with Tableau since 2019. She has spent her career tackling diverse data problems from the woes of taming survey data, to researching human behavior to enhance digital interface design, and everything in between. She is a lifelong proponent of helping everyone see and understand their data. She comes to us from Los Angeles but is a proud Colorado native.

Larry Clark, Strategic Solution Engineer, Tableau

Larry Clark is a member of the Strategic Solution Engineering team at Tableau Software. He joined Tableau in late 2018 after several years as a BI Practice Lead for an Austin, Texas based consulting firm. Prior to that, Larry worked for Microsoft for over two decades, primarily as a SQL Server and BI technical seller. He recently earned a Masters Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Texas.