Webinar Series

Tableau for Teaching Data Camp

We developed a camp for instructors who want to discover new ways to bring data analytics into their classroom. In these three sessions, you'll learn about data analytics in the classroom, resources available, and the fundamental functionality of Tableau. By the end, you’ll be ready to dive deeper into our curricula, eLearning, and Community projects.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
Tableau for Teaching Data Camp Day 1: Butler University
In this session, Butler University shares their journey of bringing data analytics into the classrooms and how they just hosted an analytics challenge where students from multiple universities competed against one another. Hear how they did it, why they did it, and the impact they've been seeing across campus. 
59 min
Tableau for Teaching Data Camp Day 2: Teaching and learning resources
After hearing about how Butler University students took data analytics lessons in the classroom and turned them into business innovations, you'll want to know how your students can learn the same. In this session, we cover the different tools and resources available to you and how you can apply them in your class.
63 min
Tableau for Teaching Data Camp Day 3: Tableau Desktop fundamentals workshop
Now that you've heard some of the why's and how's, let's get hands-on with Tableau! Over these 2 hours, we'll walk with you through connecting to data, the foundations (dimensions, measures, discrete, continuous, marks card, etc.), building charts and bringing everything together into a dashboard. By the end, you'll have the domain knowledge to explore our ready-made curricula, go through eLearning, and finally, use Tableau in the classroom. Request your free instructor license today.
115 min