Partner Storytelling Masterclass

Hear our WHY. Elevate Yours. Craft Your Stories. And Tell Them Together.

Webinar Purpose:

Producing Solutions that tell our customers great stories about your expertise and products builds instant trust and credibility. For us in the Americas Channel, connecting customers with the right partner is our main priority, and as part of our investment in Leading with Solutions, we’re launching the Partner Storytelling Masterclass for you and your teams. Your stories define your business, and our goal to help you tell compelling stories—which are the foundations for great Solutions.   This series is for everyone in your business. The first two classes are focused on stories (why and what), and the second two classes are focused on Solutions (what and how). We’ll also record the content and provide supporting materials for your use later on.

You’ll learn::

· Our WHY and how Tableau tells stories to our customers

· How our customers use data-driven stories to make decisions

· How our sellers create story arcs with our customers—and how Partners help

· What’s in a great customer story—and some of your favorites

· How our Partners craft great stories—hear it from the experts!

· What’s in a great Partner Story · Evolving your Stories into Solutions

· How you can grow your business with Solutions

· How we can produce great Solutions together

We hope you’ll join us as we continue the Partner Storytelling Masterclass Webinar Series during the next four months. Register below to each webinar.


Coaching Series


Title Time  
Masterclass 1: Why We Tell Stories
Hosted by Mark Holly and Ashley Swain, with special guests Zack Mazzoncini from Decisive Data, and Danny Wasserman and Carly Davis from Tableau 
60 Min
Masterclass 2: What’s in a Great Story
Hosted by Mark Holly and Ashley Swain, with special guest, Tableau Visionary Dan Murray from Interworks.
60 Min
Masterclass 3: Leading With Partner Stories—and Solutions!
Hosted by Mark Holly, Ashley Swain, and Manoj Rami
November 23, 2020 1:00 PM PST 
60 Min
Masterclass 4: Producing Partner Solutions
Hosted by Mark Holly, Ashley Swain, and Manoj Rami
December 9, 2020 1:00 PM PST 
60 Min