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General Motors & Tableau Webinar Series

A mission that matters.

At Tableau we help people see and understand data. Seven words that drive everything we do. And they’ve never been more relevant. Tableau is all about making data analytics fast, easy, beautiful, and most importantly – useful. Helping people gain insight into their data to solve unexpected problems is what drives us.

As part of the GM Tableau Community, you are invited to a semi-monthly Tableau webinar series. During this series you'll learn how to get started using Tableau, where to find resources as well as some more advanced topics.

Register below to attend the webinars of your choice. Bookmark this page and check back often as we will update it on an ongoing basis with new webinars.

Past Webinar Recordings:

MAPPING - Keshia dives into mapping features built into Tableau - 7/25

GM + Tableau Webinar Series - Craig Jackson Use Case && LOD Calcs - 7/11

Performance Tips & Tricks - 6/13

Keshia's Tableau 10 Overview - 5/23

Dashboarding Best Practices - 4/11

Ken Black Global Warming Recording: - 3/28

Sherief & Jeff 2nd session on GM Best Practices for Server & Desktop Environment - 3/14

GM Use Cases/Tips & Tricks/Sales Tracker Group Session - 3/1

Sherief provides GM Best Practices & Keshia Covers Chart Types (part 1) - 2/28

Michael Sandberg, GM & Keshia Rose, Tableau share ‘Tips and Tricks’- 1/31

GM and Tableau 101 Webinar: Tips and Tricks - 12/13

GM and Tableau 102 Webinar - 11/15

Additional GM Tableau Resources:
Tableau Onboarding at GM
Ken Black's Tableau Articles and Blog Posts
Johnathan Drummy's Article on Control Charts

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
A Beginner's Guide to Maps
This webinar shows you a wide range of mapping features in Tableau. Watch and learn how to build several different types of maps using geocoding and spatial connectors. We’ll dive into best...
58 min
Introduction to Visual Analytics with Tableau
Over 50 percent of your brain is dedicated to vision, decoding and processing visual information. You are essentially hardwired for identifying visual patterns and outliers, fast. When you’re...
33 min
Advanced Mapping Techniques
For organizations that need to analyze data geographically to drive their business, it is critical that they can unlock "where" outliers and patterns are occurring. In this webinar, find out how...
63 min
My Boss Told Me to Draw a Map: Mapping Best Practices
Maps are a popular way to visualize data, but selecting the best options can be overwhelming and lead to mistakes. Beyond adding icons to a map or color-coding specific areas, Tableau has some...
58 min
USEReady Tableau Prep Builder
Tableau Prep is a tool in the Tableau software family for shaping, combining, cleaning data. It is a simple yet very powerful tool that offers intuitive drag and drop features to build workflows...
33 min
Tableau on Tableau: Marketing
Come learn how Tableau's own Marketing leverages Tableau with Natalie Bush, VP, Americas Marketing. Register and attend any of the sessions in The Vault to learn from our data experts,...
31 min