The Future of Work in Financial Services

Covid-19 emerged during a complex evolution in financial services. Predictive analytics, cloud platforms, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies had already started to change the face of the sector.

Amid lockdowns and quarantines, firms rapidly moved legions of traders, wealth managers, accountants and auditors into home offices. New technologies were quickly adopted to support a remote workforce, accelerating the digital transformation of financial services. In The Future of Work in Financial Services, we brought together finance experts from Morgan Stanley, Mastercard, Standard Chartered and Tableau to discuss:

  • What impact remote working has had on performance and productivity
  • What role data and analytics will play in the future of work
  • Whether the new ways of working are here to stay?


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Watch the highlights from The Future of Work in Financial Services, featuring Sigal Zarmi, International CIO & Global Head of Technology Transformation at Morgan Stanley, James Anderson, EVP Commercial & B2B Solutions at Mastercard, Dr Michael Gorriz, Group CIO at Standard Chartered Bank and Alan Davidson, RVP Financial Services at Tableau.


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Read The Economist’s Future of Work in Financial Services report and discover whether the new ways of working are here to stay.

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Hosted by Matthieu Favas, Finance Correspondent at The Economist, hear how finance experts are planning for the future and the role data & analytics will play in a hybrid workplace.

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