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Data + Movies | Tableau Webinar Series

Enhance your data skills with data from IMDb

Tell the story of the data behind the movies you love

Ready to take your data skills to the red carpet and create award-worthy visualisations?

Join our Data + Movies webinar series to discover best practices for creating impactful visualisations and the basics of Tableau Prep - all with datasets from IMDb.

Whether you're a beginner to Tableau or a seasoned pro, these sessions are designed to empower you with the skills to take your data journey to the next level.

Get ready for the series by downloading our easy starter kit with datasets from IMDb. 

Live Webinars

Title Date & Time

Data + Movies: Get to Know Tableau Prep With Data From IMDb

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
Data + Movies: Simple Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Viz
Ready to turn your data visualisations into blockbuster masterpieces? Watch this webinar to discover the secrets of transforming your basic Data + Movies starter dashboard into a visually...