Informing Climate Action


Protecting wildlife and powering conservation efforts with real-time data.

Nearly 70% of the world's animal populations have declined in the last 50 years. Data-informed conservation efforts can put a stop to this trend.

Partnership start date: 2019

Total funding committed: $1,170,980

Region: Global


What they do
EarthRanger collects, integrates, and displays all historical and available data on wildlife activity combines it with field reports to create a real-time, actionable view of conditions on the ground in protected areas—vast expanses of land facing threats of deforestation, community encroachment, poaching, climate change, and illegal trading of wildlife.
What our partnership does
Our collaboration has enabled Tableau to be directly embedded into the EarthRanger platform. As a result, rangers and conservation workers can not only access a comprehensive view of their data, but can dive in deeper, create specialized reports, and better target their efforts.