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Mark your calendars for Tableau Live — a free virtual event delving into global issues, tailored to the interests of our region. It will be a day of unparalleled learning, sharing, and networking.

Discover new ways to make your organization more data-driven, leverage smart data, and ramp up your analytical skills. Gain knowledge and tools to help you make an immediate impact within your organization. And watch channels tailored to your favorite analytics trends, learning best practices that deepen your Tableau knowledge.

Your Guide to Tableau Live


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Times in Singapore Standard Time

All sessions stream live in English with translation in Chinese, Korean, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia. Recordings will be available on demand within 24 hours post-event.

10:00 - 10:20 Welcome by JY Pook, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific and Q&A with Mark Nelson, CEO
  Track: What's New in Tableau Track: Data-Driven Innovation Track: Data Skills for All
10:25 - 10:50

What’s New in Tableau 2021.1

Data Innovation: Where Data and Analytics Are Headed

Grow your Career as an Advocate for Data Literacy and Analytics Within your Organization

10:55 - 11:20

What is Tableau Business Science

Aligning Analytics Initiatives with Business Objectives

Data Beyond Dashboards: Using the Entire Tableau Platform

11:25 - 11:55

Supercharge your Analytics with Tableau Data Management

Building a Data Culture to Propel Faster Decision Making

AI & the Analyst: Amplify your Data Skills with new capabilities and Tableau Business Science

12:00 - 12:55

Executive Keynote


  • Francois Ajenstat, Chief Product Officer, Tableau
  • Stephanie Richardson, VP Community Tableau & Tableau Customer Bentley
  • Guest Speaker: Shivvy Jervis, Futurist and Speaker on Human-Centered Innovation
13:00 - 13:25

Data Discussion Panels

  • Imperative data skills that drive digital transformation in FSI
  • Glow Up Viz
  • The Secret of Data Culture: Invest in People
  • Thailand Data Stories: Surviving the Pandemic & Going Beyond (Thai language discussion)
  • Become a Data Leader with the Power of Tableau (Korean language discussion)
13:30 - 13:55

Data Discussion Panels

  • Exploring the Future Analytics in a Data Landscape
  • Data + Diversity: Tableau and the Neurodivergent Community
  • Creating a Data Driven Culture to Drive Exceptional Performance
  • Indonesia Data Stories: Innovating in Challenging Times (Bahasa Indonesia language discussion)
14:00 - 15:00


One hour of live, topic-based connection time. You can create your own Roundtable or find an existing one to join.

Featured Speakers

Guest Speaker

Shivvy Jervis


Hear from one of the most illuminating Futurists of our time, Forecaster Shivvy Jervis, sharing her research and insights on human-centered innovation and how technology will shape how we live, work, and play. Shivvy will break down fascinating, innovative approaches to accelerate the necessary shift in our workforces to succeed in the digital era.

Mark Nelson

President and CEO

JY Pook

Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific

Francois Ajenstat

Chief Product Officer

Stephanie Richardson

Vice President, Tableau Community

Roger Schmitt

Principal Solution Engineer

Prashant Keshri

Lead Solution Engineer

Kenneth Baltazar

Manager, Success Manager

Sagar Kapoor

Principal Success Manager

Kayla Matheson

Principal Success Manager

Nina Nguyen

Senior Manager, Success

Stephen Street

Principal Solution Engineer

Minji Kim

Senior Solution Engineer

April Doud

Technical Product Marketing Manager

Olivia Nix

Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Andy Moore

Collaboration Leader, Digitalization and IT
Bentley Motors

Rob Savin

Chief Digital Officer
Bentley Motors

Budiman Rusly Djohari

Chief Data Analytics Officer
Sequis Life

Rohit Pandharkar

Vice President and Head of Data Science
Mahindra Finance

Charlie Tjandra

Head of Data Analytics

Fi Gordon

Tableau Ambassador

Sarah Burnett

Tableau Ambassador

Fred Roteseree

Managing Director
Kasikorn Business Technology Group

Kajohnsak Thiawsawang

Senior Business Intelligence Manager

Yongjua Laosiritaworn

Director, Department of Disease Control
Ministry of Public Health Thailand

Ivan Wibowo

Group Chief Technology Officer
PT Central Proteina Prima Tbk

I Gede Kukuh Adi Perdana

Head of Data Analytics, Enterprise Data Management
PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Tbk

Yanto Yulianto

Division Head of Information System and Technology
PT Mass Rapid Transit Jakarta

Kate Penglase

Client Analytics Manager

Piyush Kapadia

TechNova Imaging Systems

Robert Curtis

Regional Director, APAC

Atul Vaidya

Vice President - India & ASEAN
CRG Solutions Pvt Ltd

Jeon Hyeni

Kakao Corp
Data Analyst

Lee Youngsun

Assistant Manager
KB Kookmin Bank

Cho Junhee

Insights Analyst
Nike Korea


10:25 - 10:50

New features and improvements are here in Tableau 2021.1! Join this session as we walk through some of the new features and learn how to get started today. Everything from quick LODs, to Tableau prep and much more were created so you could spend less time prepping and more time exploring, analyzing and acting on your data.

If your goal is to be a data-driven organization, the right data and analytics technology matters. Explore innovations and technology advances that have the power to transform how people across your organization approach and engage with data.

As data touches every aspect of our lives, the need for data literacy has never been greater. Despite that, not all organizations are promoting data literacy, and need help convincing others of the value of a data culture. This session explores what it means to be data literate and how to leverage data skills to advocate for an Analytics-driven organization.

10:55 - 11:20

At Tableau, analysis has always been about people exploring, asking questions or testing a hypothesis. In this session learn how the introduction of Tableau Business Science empowers analysts and business users to understand the context of their data further by employing explainable, self-service machine learning models. Make faster, more confident decisions across your business, while expanding analytics use cases and deepening understanding of business critical data with Einstein Discovery in Tableau.

In a world experiencing rapid market change, the organizations that align analytics initiatives with business objectives have a distinct advantage. Learn how to overcome the most common challenges when shifting to a data-driven decision making model and hear how organizations have successfully scaled analytics across departments and teams.

We’ve all done it at one time or another. We’ve purchased something thinking it only did a few things, then discovered down the road that it did way more than we knew. In this session, we’ll talk about what Tableau is beyond the dashboard to help illuminate the possibilities of this end-to-end solution.

11:25 - 11:55

We continue to see an explosion of data AND people who need access to it to make decisions. As a result, it can be hard to make sense of the data – know where it came from, who uses it, understand how it’s been prepared or last updated, etc. Tableau Data Management helps – instill confidence, build trust, and increase efficiencies whether in IT or the business. Learn how Tableau approaches data management and see it in action to build a stronger data culture and up-level your analytics.

Despite the trillions of dollars invested in data and analytics in recent years, leaders are still struggling to shift the way their organizations think about and act on data. Discover Tableau’s proven methodology for building core capabilities and repeatable processes that enable everyone to make faster, data-driven decisions.

Ceilings were meant to be broken and with Tableau’s newest developments in AI you’ll answer questions that had previously seemed out of reach. This session gives an overview of how Tableau’s newest category and offerings can boost your capabilities, your company, and your career.

13:00 - 13:25

COVID19 has accelerated digital transformation within FSI, removing traditional barriers and increasing the demand for digitization of services. Adaptability and speed backed by data now plays an even more critical role for the industry. What are some of the areas of change and focus for organizations today? What are the new data skill sets that the industry needs to acquire to help them adapt to this new world? Join us for a panel discussion with Mahindra Finance and Sequis Life to find out.

Are you tired of trying to help people understand your dashboards? Or want to make your dashboards more user friendly? Then join our Tableau Ambassadors, Fiona Gordon and Sarah Burnett with Tableau host Nisa Zainal, in this hilarious Viz Glow Up where they will be sharing the do’s and don’ts in vizzing best practices. Lets transform this Tab-Low into a Tab-Glow!

Empowering self-service analytics should be the goal of every organisation. Achieving this though can be quite difficult, because its not just about the technology. It’s a change in culture. Join Robert Curtis (InterWorks) and Kate Penglase (MYOB) as they discuss the secrets of building a data culture to drive transformation change in an organisation.

In this Data Discussion, join us as we discuss with our customers from Thailand the importance of data in leading digital transformation within organizations. Learn some of the challenges they faced during the process and measures they took to overcome them.

Becoming a truly data-driven organization requires not only embedding data into the identity of your company but also developing your individual empowerment. This cultural transformation is one of the hardest, but most important part of a company’s data journey. Learn how to build data culture and become a data leader with the power of Tableau.

13:30 - 13:55

According to Gartner, analytics and AI are game-changing technologies that have emerged from the COVID-19 crisis. Data leaders are faced with new challenges, including the ability to leverage data and predictive modeling for impactful insights and democratizing data to empower more users to data-driven decisions. Join data leader from Tokopedia to understand the issues and how these data-forward organizations are gaining competitive advantage with Tableau Business Science.

Tableau Community members Adam Mico and Hunter Hansen discuss their autistic experiences in the context of Tableau and the broader data community. They explore their approach to community engagement and how Tableau appeals to neurodivergent users.

Data-driven culture remains elusive for many organizations. Injecting data into the decision-making process requires a shift in mindset. And sustaining the change in culture with data at its core is even harder. Join Piyush Kapadia (TechNova Imaging Systems) and Atul Vaidya (CRG Solutions) as they discuss the key areas of how manufacturing organizations can create a data-driven culture to drive exceptional performance in their industry.

Join us in this session as we discuss with our customers how data is playing a crucial part in their organisation on transforming the business and helping them innovate despite the difficult times. Hear from these thought leaders how they took strategies from ideation to implementation and how other organisations can do the same.