Evaluation Process

From simple to complex, we can help.

Evaluations of Tableau Software have a wide range of options, from something as simple as downloading a trial and getting started, all the way to an extended proof of concept (POC) with assistance from our services organization. From most simple to most complex, the process generally looks like this:

  • Self-guided evaluations: You can download both the Desktop and Server software, and then run through our online video tutorials using any of our industry-specific reference workbooks.

  • Self-guided with Tableau Server: We have also created a simple PDF document for self-guided evaluations - a very useful way to quickly evaluate Tableau Server.

  • Self-guided with custom data: Similar to the above but with your own data! Check our our connecting to data videos or join one of our weekly live training demonstrations, and also make sure you have the right drivers from our driver download page.

  • Hands-on with one of our presales consultants: if you know that Tableau is the right choice for you but would like some additional assitance before you purchase, we can help with one hour technical sessions. Contact your account manager to get started!

  • Partners: If you are a Tableau partner or are considering becoming one, we have many partner-specific resources and training materials available to you.

  • Proof of Concept: Our Professional Services organization is here to help with quick starts or extended evalations. These can range from as little as 4 hours to a multi-day onsite engagement. You can review multiple options right on our website