Coronavirus (COVID-19) Viz Gallery

See how people are using data to navigate the pandemic

There are thousands of vizzes about Coronavirus published to Tableau Public, with more added every day. With the help of health and data visualization experts,
we’ve curated a gallery of some of the most impactful dashboards created by governments, businesses, nonprofits, and data-savvy citizens.

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See how governments and citizens alike are creating resources to help their communities

understand the spread and impact of COVID-19. View the government data track to learn more.

Healthcare & Public Health

Explore visualizations from the healthcare community that help track the spread

of COVID-19 and its effects on public health. View the healthcare data track to learn more.

Economy & Business

See visualizations that showcase the impact of COVID-19 on global, national,

and local economies and industries. View the economy data track to learn more.