"Using Tableau, Iowa Department of Public Health has built a new Iowa Public Health Tracking (IPHT) Portal to replace their outdated environment. While looking for a new solution, Tableau quickly rose to the top as the most suitable platform to support this initiative. Tableau is a software platform that allows user to create interactive data visualizations focused on business intelligence. This platform is capable of connecting to and querying multiple types of networked and local data sources. A major advantage of Tableau for IPHT was that it would allow program staff to create and manage the charts, graphs and maps for the portal with little to no IT involvement.” - Rob Walker, Community Health Consultant, IDPH

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon.com that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments. Learn firsthand what the impact of the AWS Cloud has on your “day to day” activities at the state. Kevin Brooks, Enterprise Account Executive for AWS- SLED will be providing and brief update and overview on what the impact of leveraging CLOUD will have on the State of Iowa.

Join us for an afternoon discussion and presentation on how the Iowa Department of Public Health is leveraging Tableau for visual analytics and what that may mean to you. In addition, learn more about the current status of Amazon Web Services and how the state of Iowa and other states are leveraging the CLOUD.

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