Planning and Analytics Visualised

Planning and forecasting is becoming increasingly challenging: uncertainty of demand, supply complexity, use of analytics, big data, omni channel, high promotional pressure, globalization … planning and forecasting needs to be agile and respond quickly to ever changing dynamics and circumstances.

Traditional systems lack the necessary speed in this changing and demanding world. Variations in plans need to be analyzed and visualized in minutes, instead of hours.

During this event, EyeOn will show the ability to create and adjust plans, run scenarios and see the instant effect in beautiful dashboards to start your visual analytics …all in just a few minutes! Based on a combined demo of Anaplan & Tableau you'll see the strength of each platform and its combined ability to support your daily job and decision-making processes.

EyeOn is an independent software partner of Anaplan and Tableau and has extensive experience in the implementation and support of both platforms.

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