EXASOL Xperience 2017 is the event that will see users and partners of EXASOL gather together to hear about what’s next for data analytics and how EXASOL can help you with your data challenges.

Celebrate a shared love for fast analytics, BI and reporting and learn from other users and partners of EXASOL technology about how leading companies are transforming into data-driven businesses using EXASOL.

Come and join over 200 end users and partners and network and connect with a community of like-minded, data-driven individuals who share similar data challenges and inspire each other with new ideas and approaches.

Tableau Keynote Tuesday, July 4, 9.15 a.m.: Connecting cool tech, community and cult brand – 3 critical factors for the successful adoption of new technologies
Elissa Fink, CMO, Tableau

Featured Speaker

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