4 Steps For Improving Healthcare Productivity Using Dashboards and Data Visualization

When times are tough and budgets tight, healthcare organizations of all sizes need to use their resources wisely and produce value quickly. For healthcare teams, business intelligence innovation and key insights can yield significant value in both the short and long-term.

With data visualization as the critical function of business intelligence, hospitals gain quick insights for fast-changing environments.

This easily enables hospitals to:

  • Find innovative ways to improve labor productivity through a combination of people, processes, and technology
  • Discover the benefits of incorporating data visualization software as the key labor productivity tool
  • Establish a structured approach to understanding favorable and unfavorable results to take actions when necessary

Read this whitepaper to learn how hospitals are using data visualization and business intelligence to capitalize on labor productivity tools and make their resources count.

Excerpt: Since deploying business intelligence dashboards, Barnes-Jewish Hospital has reduced both over and under-staffing by a third, says Dr. Linh Dye, Patient Care Services Special Projects Manager. “Before, we didn’t have information to react to,” Dye says. “Now we can take action right away.”