Augmented analytics is a class of analytics powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that expands a human’s ability to interact with data at a contextual level. We use AI to make analytics accessible so that more people can confidently explore and interact with data to drive meaningful decisions. From automated modeling to guided natural language queries, our augmented analytics capabilities are powerful and trusted to help organizations leverage their growing amount of data and empower a wider business audience to discover insights.

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There’s a growing disconnect between business leaders expecting a data-driven organization, and employees who either aren’t comfortable questioning metrics or leveraging data analysis to drive actions. We’re excited to get AI into the hands of everyone to help answer relevant questions, make meaningful decisions and ultimately transform their business.

Explain Data

Explain Data automatically provides AI-driven explanations for the value of a data point with a single click. Based on advanced statistical models, explanations are integrated in existing workflows, saving users’ time and unearthing new understandings about their data that they may not have found otherwise. The interactive feature offers analysts and business users alike a jumping-off point to fuel deeper data exploration.

Einstein Discovery for Reports

Einstein Discovery for Reports automatically gives you AI-powered insights directly within your Salesforce Reports, helping you quickly understand what happened and why it happened, so you can take action intelligently. Einstein scans your report data quickly and thoroughly using machine learning and comprehensive statistical analysis. And, with just a few clicks, users can dive into the associated Einstein Discovery story for deeper analysis.

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Data Stories

Data Stories adds automated plain-language explanations to your dashboards in seconds. This feature breaks down your data by relevant dimensions and presents insights as bullet points that are easy to read and understand. Save analysts’ time and make analytics easy for everyone with this new consumption experience built for business users.

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Leveraging AI across the user spectrum

Augmented Analytics

For the Business User & Analyst

Confidently get answers and uncover insights faster with ML, statistics, natural language, and smart data prep.

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Business Science

For the Advanced Analyst

Make smarter decisions faster with AI-powered predictions, what-if scenario planning, guided model building, insights, and other data science techniques – all with clicks, not code.

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Data Science

For the Data Scientist

Make your statistical models more accessible directly in Tableau, with R, Python, MATLAB, and more.

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