7 Ways Sports Teams Win with Analytics

It may seem like the immediate success of any professional sports club starts with making the athletes better—to run faster, hit further, shoot more accurately and play smarter. But there’s more to it.

While on-field wins often do translate to a team’s financial health, the path to victory starts with putting your data to work for real insight to action.

From draft day to fourth down, data analysis is becoming the next big sports enhancer.

This paper highlights the top ways sports teams are making strides with data including:

  • Improving scouting and prospecting
  • Understanding individual player and whole-team fitness
  • Using predictive ‘what if’ analysis for game-day strategy
  • Ramping ticketing and merchandising in real-time according to fan behavior

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Any successful pro sports franchise knows that the competition starts with scouting. It's critical for scouts to be able to quickly spot potential value in a sea of prospective players.

Cut performance review times by transforming large volumes of data into interactive visualizations.

Player Fitness

Need to know who bench and who to play? How valuable is each player at any given time? Who performs better under stress, or in the 18th minute of the game?

Tracking player status, training, improvements, and game-day performance is all possible with data

Player Development

On-field wins often translate into a team's financial success, so developing talent and adding new players adds obvious value to a club. Teams gather huge amounts of data on players to track multiple metrics such as training intensity, game performance, recovery time, and injuries.

Whole-team intelligence is important too. How are players working together? Are there patterns of play? Do various actions on the field make a difference in the final score?

Visualizing this data allows tech-averse coaches to interpret immediate needs at a glance

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