Tableau Repeats #1 Ranking in High Growth Category of Wisdom of Crowds Survey

Howard Dresner, Chief Research Officer, Dresner Advisory Services

In the fourth annual Dresner Advisory Services’ 2014 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study survey results, “Better decision making” and “Improved operational efficiency” ranked 1 and 2 as objectives for Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions across all market segments. Top technology priorities were: Dashboards, End user “self-service”, Advanced visualization and Data Warehousing. Consistent with the previous 4 years, Business Intelligence continues to be an increasingly dynamic and evolving market with aggressive growth over the next 24-36 months.

Tableau was once again the leader placing first in the High Growth category which consists of vendors who have achieved critical mass in the market and are growing at an extremely high rate—well above the industry average. Tableau was “best in class” across most categories of measurement—including Sales, Value, Technology/Product, Technical support and Integrity. Tableau scored in the top 10 of all vendors in all categories.

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2014 Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study

The Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study provides a wealth of information and analysis—offering value to both consumers and producers of Business Intelligence technology and services.

Executive Summary

  • In a new qualitative appraisal of organizations' "State of Data," about 70 percent of respondents report advanced to very advanced data environments and practices.
  • More than 85 percent of organizations consider themselves coordinated or very coordinated in their ability to act on insight from their data activities.
  • Success with business intelligence relates strongly and directly to an organization's state of data.
  • Success with business intelligence corresponds strongly to an organization's ability to act on insight.
  • "Better decision making" is the BI objective most strongly identified with across functions, industries and geographies
  • Executive management remains the strongest functional driver of business intelligence; finance, sales, marketing and supply chain have gained a bit more influence while the BICC and R&D have ticked down.
  • User groups other than managers or executives are targeted as users less than 30 percent of the time; a low emphasis on outside BI empowerment reflects a more parochial approach.
  • Penetration remains modest; more than one-third of organizations report fewer than 10 percent of employees using BI; the smallest and largest organizations claim the strongest penetration.
  • Despite low penetration, organizations tell us of ambitious plans for extending their user base in coming time frames.
  • Dashboards, end-user self-service, data warehousing, and advanced visualization lead the list of technologies and initiatives strategic to business intelligence.
  • Sentiment regarding technology priorities is consistent with 2013 with two minor exceptions: cloud BI and open source grew slightly.
  • Industry scores for the sales and acquisition experience are at an all-time high with professionalism and product knowledge leading the way.
  • Overall industry value is considered "very good" though integration with third- party technology and forums/training/documentation are still lacking.
  • A majority feel overall industry performance is about the same as last year though less than five percent think industry performance has declined.
  • BI vendor consulting is a bright spot in 2014; all measures including consulting continuity showed strong gains

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Howard Dresner

Chief Research Officer, Dresner Advisory Services

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