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How Cisco Systems Uses Tableau to Identify Supply Chain Network Opportunities

Working with over 14,000 items Tableau is used in a number of ways at Cisco: to evaluate Product Demand Variability, align distribution centers with customers, evaluate the location and spend within the supply chain and illustrate the flow of goods through the SC network. This session will focus on the Supply Chain department's use of Tableau, particularly in the balancing of a complex network of suppliers to the end customer in order to manage inventory and reduce the order-to-ship cycle.

About the speaker

Brad Earle

Tableau Data Engineer, Cisco Systems/Lead Dog Data

Brad began his journey as a beta tester for version 1.5 of Tableau in 2005. Since then, he has worked for Fannie Mae, Tompson Reuters, Georgia Pacific, Cisco Systems and RBS-Citizens Bank utilizing Tableau (and other business intelligence products when forced) to provide actionable insights into sales, inventory, supply chain, marketing, production, and finance. Before obtaining his masters in information technology, he was an IT transformation leader at American Electric Power and finance leader at RJ Reynolds Tobacco International.

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