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Tableau Masterclass Series - Southeast Asia (SEA)

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Title Length
"Marie Kondo" of Tableau - Declutter & Bring Your Insights Across
An effective dashboard delivers insights without overwhelming its audience with too much information. However, we often hear from our fellow analysts: "There is so much to show, but so little...
61 min
Explore the World at Your Fingertips - Working with Maps in Tableau
Geospatial analysis is made simple in Tableau, from the basics of plotting postal code information to leveraging custom files to provide additional context to the data and insights. Users can spot...
52 min
Time Bender - Working with Time-Based Data in Tableau
Visualizing time-based data is more than just about creating a trend line. There are many interesting ways to discover new insights from your data. This webinar will devote all the time there is...
52 min
Data Source Best Practices
You may have heard of dashboard best practices. Now it's time to do the same for your data sources. Data Source Best Practices goes into long forgotten areas of Tableau to help improve...
61 min