On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
State of Ohio – Empowering and Leading the Way In Challenging Times

During these rapidly changing times it’s more important than ever for government agencies to make informed decisions by understanding and leveraging data.

60 min
Better Together: Wisconsin’s Evolving Strategy to Meet Public Health Needs During COVID-19

Like many other government organizations, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services has had to rapidly evolve and change practices to keep up with the unprecedented demand on data, and state and

60 min
Viz Responsibly: How Tableau Is Helping Customers Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis

The change brought about by COVID-19 continues to evolve. Government organizations are altering how and where people do their work to keep employees safe.

38 min
Lovelytics - Workforce Planning Analytics: Identifying Employees at Risk

This outbreak has dramatically changed the way we work. Organizations everywhere are doing what they can to avoid the virus from spreading among their employees.

58 min
New York City - A Data-Driven Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak set a new precedent for how governments manage crisis response and plan for recovery. The City of New York needed to quickly monitor and analyze the spread of the pan

59 min
Getting Started with the COVID-19 Data Hub

A Tableau expert will walk you through how to use the starter workbook and how to connect the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 data stream with your own company data.

24 min
Tableau for Call Centers

Is Contact/Call Center efficiency important to your agency? Agencies are faced with both record request volumes and limited staff bandwidth.

53 min
CMA: Leverage Data to Manage Through Crisis and Beyond

COVID-19 has imposed unprecedented demands on HHS programs and the citizens being served around the country.

58 min
US Geological Survey: Creating a COVID-19 Application in Tableau

In early March, when the severity of the Covid-19 situation was drastically coming to light, the USGS was rapidly developing new decision-making regimes governing the travel of its mission-critical

61 min