Analytics Day for Bank of America - GWIM


Join Bank of America, Salesforce, Tableau and USEReady for an event focused on the Next-Generation of Reporting. This event is open for online and in-person registration!

In-person event will be located at 1100 Merrill Lynch Drive, Great Room, Pennington, NJ 08534.




November 29th, 2022



09:00 am - Introduction and Agenda, Mike Levitz & John McDonald, Tableau Account Executives
09:05 am - BofA Keynote, Michael Spina, MD, Head of Wealth Management Data, Analytics and Reporting, Bank of America
09:20 am - Driving Business Impact with Data Visualization, Mike Madigan, Product Manager, Tableau Evangelism
10:00 am - Evolution of Salesforce + Tableau Analytics, Rob Barnhart (Tableau Solution Engineer) and John McDonald (Tableau Account Executive)
10:30 am - BofA CRMA Use Case Demo, Prashant Pandya, Rick Bender, Merrill Lynch Business Strategy and Initiatives, Bank of America
11:00 am - Break
11:15 am - BofA Tableau Use Case Demo, Brian Matusz, Director & BI Manager, Bank of America
11:35 am - Tableau Speed Tipping, Caitlyn Garger, Tableau Lead Consultant, USEReady
11:55 am - Bank of America CRMA Use Case Demo 
12:15 am - Wrap Up and Close Ken Headd, Tableau ECS

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