Mercy Corps

Helping countries rebuild after disasters while reducing poverty and hunger

One in seven people in the world now live in conflict or disaster zones. Data enables Mercy Corps to better reach communities and help them rebuild.

Partnership start date: 2017

Total funding committed: $171,101

Sustainable Development Goals:

  • No Poverty (1)
  • Zero Hunger (2)

Region: Global

Website: www.mercycorps.org

What they do
Mercy Corps responds to a variety of human rights crises—from displacement to malnutrition to lack of access to clean water. But instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach to disaster relief, Mercy Corps works with affected communities to understand what they need to rebuild. In its 40-year history, Mercy Corps estimates that it’s reached over 220 million people.

What our partnership does
For an organization with as broad a reach as Mercy Corps, comprehensive, actionable data is essential. Tableau Foundation granted Mercy Corps software and funding to build out a data management system to capture information coming in from communities around the world so they can ensure that their programs are running smoothly.