Humanitarian Data Exchange

Aggregating up-to-date data on humanitarian issues around the world

Aid workers need quickly accessible, reliable data to reach people in need. HDX aggregates all humanitarian data to ensure that aid organizations are able to access the same information and coordinate their efforts.

Partnership start date: 2016

Total funding committed: $308,670

Sustainable Development Goals:

  • No Poverty (1)
  • Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions (16)

Region: Global

Website: https://data.humdata.org

What they do
Before Humanitarian Data Exchange launched in 2014, aid workers would have to scour different sources for data relevant to their cause, and they weren’t always sure of the source or whether the numbers they were looking at were up-to-date. Through the UN-managed HDX, organizations can contribute data on every crisis, which is standardized and shared for anyone to access.

What our partnership does
Translating data sets into visualizations makes data more actionable and easy to understand—which is crucial for people responding to humanitarian crises. Tableau Foundation partnered with HDX to support analysts on their team to use Tableau to visualize the vast amounts of data on the platform.

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Visualizing data on global crises

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