Combating Hunger

Feeding America

Supporting over 200 food banks nationwide, reaching 46 million people

One in eight people struggles with hunger in the U.S. Feeding America uses data to understand where these food access gaps exist and work to close them.

Partnership start date: 2015

Total funding committed: $4,110,500

Region: United States


What they do Through its network of food banks, Feeding America sources donations and food that might otherwise go to waste directly from farmers, and from retailers and restaurants. Those food banks then deliver food out to food pantries, shelters, and faith-based organizations, where people can collect it. What our partnership does All the food that passes through Feeding America’s food banks represents data. Tableau Foundation equips them with software to track crucial metrics like inventory turnover and distribution patterns. Feeding America also uses Tableau to analyze data on hunger and food insecurity so it can ensure its resources reach where they’re needed most.

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Going hungry impacts every area of people's lives, and Feeding America draws the link between lack of food access and money spent on health.

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Feeding America is expanding the data it collects and uses–and making it as near-real-time as possible—to better serve communities.