Racial Justice Data Initiative

Equal Opportunity Schools

Closing the access gap in rigorous college-prep courses

Every year, around 750,000 students qualify for advanced classes but are not enrolled in them. Equal Opportunity Schools wants to make sure these students—mainly low-income kids of color—are given the chance to excel.

Partnership start date: 2015

Total funding committed: $2,057,498

Region: United States

Website: www.eoschools.org

What they do
High-achieving lower-income students and students of color are often overlooked in the outreach process for Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses, which give kids a significant leg up in their futures. To close this gap, Equal Opportunity Schools works with school districts to identify, enroll, and support these students.

What our partnership does
Equal Opportunity Schools aims to enroll 670,000 students across 4,400 schools in the next decade.To get there, the organization worked with Tableau Foundation to build out Tableau dashboards that school districts can use to identify students who could excel in AP or IB courses but are not yet enrolled.

A call for better data for education equity

The Pipeline Delivers: Equity and Opportunity in Public Education

At Tableau Conference 2019, Sasha Rabkin and Jessica Paulson from Equal Opportunity Schools delve into the way that traditional metrics fail students of color, and why more nuanced and human data is needed.

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