Released November 2010
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Tableau Data Engine

The Data Engine

Do you find your database slow? Do you work with large text files or big spreadsheets? Allow us to introduce the Tableau Data Engine, a system that extracts your data and optimizes it for blazingly fast analytics.

Traditionally, in-memory extracts required all the data fit into RAM. Not so with Tableau's Data Engine, which is always aware of how much RAM is available locally. This means you can load data much larger than what your RAM has space for.

And if you decide you want to go back and directly connect to your data, you can just uncheck a box. Easy, fast and flexible, just the way a data engine should be.

Data Blending

Data Blending

Data doesn't always come neatly packaged in one box. There might be a stray CSV with crucial data you'd love to add to views you've already created. With Tableau's data blending feature, you can combine data from multiple sources together into a single view with a simple drag-and-drop. No code needed.

And you can create features that take advantage of having a combined data source, including filters, calculations, and more that work across multiple data sources.

Richer Analytics

Richer Analytics

The most significant addition to analytics in Tableau 6.0 was also one of the most important: user input. Not everyone has the same acceptable threshold for flight delay times, or for discounts applied to product sales. New parameters allow you to set these values and dynamically see the data change. They can also be used to switch between multiple fields, giving users total control of what they see.

We also added a suite of table calculation functions, giving users the power to quickly calculate percent of totals, percent differences, and so much more.

And because speed and ease are so important to us, we took our simple drag-and-drop philosophy into creating ad-hoc hierarchies. Simply drag one dimension on top of another to create a hierarchy and reorder the levels. Not one line of code needed.

Improved Server Management

Improved Server Management

As more and more people publish workbooks to Tableau Server, you need a good way to manage everybody's projects, security rights and even how often Server's cache refreshes. In 6.0, we created ways to do all of that, from a new content administrator role to the ability to batch manage users, in addition to other major usability features.

We also made Server itself easier to manage. Simply enter a URL to see the status of Server, along with better ActiveDirectory syncing and improved error reporting.

All to give you a smoother, faster experience when interacting with your data.