HP Vertica

HP Vertica customers separate themselves from the pack by getting value from “massive skyscraper chunks of data." Some of the most innovative companies in the world use Vertica to create data assets that competitors with more traditional data warehouses simply can't match.

Tableau helps extend this lead with visual analysis by providing:

  • Seamless integration with Vertica through an optimized, live connector
  • Easy-to-use solution to visualize big data fast
  • Interactive dashboards that let users drill-down in real time to ask questions and get answers
  • Simple, easy collaboration that lets users share their findings to others as fast as they discover them

Big, fast data is a real advantage. Big, fast data that you can quickly and visually analyze is unstoppable.

Live Connect
Ask and answer questions as fast as you can think of them

Cutting-edge companies turn to Vertica for near real-time availability of massive data quantities. They thrive on being data-driven organizations. But converting the potential of data tables into game changing decisions lies in the ability to uncover and communicate what the numbers say. That’s where Tableau comes in.

Tableau’s live connector to Vertica provides a seamless path to conducting real-time visual analysis. Since your data is optimized for your needs in Vertica you can leave it there. No re-creation of data structures. No data silo explosion. No question about data timeliness. Just point Tableau at your Vertica data and go.

Visual Analytics
Seeing data essential to uncovering game-changing insights

Billions of rows of data coming at you real time is a dream come true – if you can do something about it. Vertica makes this possible by providing near-real time analysis and access to your data. Tableau makes this possible by helping you communicate the value of what this data says.

Tableau lets you work with your data, visually and interactively. With a click of a mouse, Tableau shows your data in a way that makes sense whether it’s a pie chart, a detailed map or anything in between. Once you can see your data, dig in. Tableau lets you interact with your charts, reports and dashboards in real-time, letting you ask and answer questions about your Vertica data at speed-of-thought.

Check out this visualization representing millions of records that shows how quickly you can get detailed answers to questions about these stocks on a specific day.

Self-service Analysis
Business users are empowered to explore their own data

Chances are if you’re a Vertica customer you’re already a data-driven organization. So getting your business users equipped to take full advantage of the data is probably a top priority to get the most out of your Vertica investment.

Tableau is designed with the business user in mind. With drag and drop simplicity, individuals throughout your organization can point Tableau at Vertica and start investigating data that matters most to them. Once created, reports and dashboards are easily shared which gets teams investigating to find insights to propel the business.

And now that the business users can do more on their own, IT is freed up to focus on creating the best data infrastructure possible instead of running someone else’s reports.

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