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Beginning with 2018.2, please note that the following administration maintenance tasks have changed for Windows:

Installation – The Installation process has changed significantly. Make sure to read the documentation before starting any installation or upgrade.

Upgrade – The upgrade process is new and differs depending on whether you are upgrading from version 2018.2.x or from a version earlier than 2018.2. Do not upgrade without first reading the specific upgrade procedures for your scenario.

Uninstall – Uninstall works differently now as well. With version 2018.2 and later, you do not need to uninstall until after you have upgraded Tableau.

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What's new?

What’s changed?

New in Tableau Server 2019.4

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What's new in Tableau Server on Windows * What's new in Tableau Server on Linux

New for server or site administrators

Manage recommendations for views

Tableau Server now recommends views for users to explore. These recommendations help users find relevant content that they might not otherwise discover. Recommendations are based on users' viewing habits and on trends in popular content on the site.

Recommendations for views are powered by the same engine that powers recommendations for data sources and tables. This engine is configurable at the server level. For more information on configuring the recommendations trainer, see Server settings (general).

Recommended views appear in two places on a site: the Home page and the Recommendations page. To hide recommendations, on the site settings page under Recommendations for views, untick "Show the Recommendations page and Recommendations channel on the Home page."

The tooltip for recommendations of the For you type shows the names of similar users who have looked at the view. To hide these names, on the site settings page, untick "Show users with similar content usage in recommendation tooltips."

Personal access tokens

Personal access tokens provide Tableau Server users with the ability to create long-lived authentication tokens. The tokens allow users to run automation with Tableau REST APIs without requiring hard-coded credentials or interactive login. More information about using personal access tokens with Tableau REST APIs is at Signing in and out (authentication).

As an administrator, you can revoke and track usage of the tokens. See Personal access tokens.

Create extracts on the web

Now you can create extracts in the browser without using Tableau Desktop. For more information, see Create extracts on the web . You can also use the new createextracts and deleteextracts commands in tabcmd to create or delete extracts for a published workbook or data source. For more information, see tabcmd commands.

New installers for Tableau Server and tabcmd

Tableau Server 2019.4 introduces completely rewritten setup programs for both Tableau Server and tabcmd. For more information, see Version 2019.4 includes the following changes you should know about before upgrading.

New for users

Web authoring features

New features and enhancements related to web authoring and interacting with views on the web are listed in What's new in Tableau for users and Web authoring and Tableau Desktop feature comparison. For topics related to web authoring and interacting with views, see Using Tableau on the web.

Tableau Services Manager (TSM)

As of Tableau Server 2018.2, Tableau Services Manager (TSM) is now available for Windows as well as Linux, and replaces tabadmin. This new web-based server configuration and management application contains a new user experience for server administrators – a command-line interface (CLI) and a web interface (both interact with the new TSM REST API).

For more information about TSM, see the following helpful resources:

Tableau Server on Linux upgrade information

Are you upgrading Tableau Server on Linux to 2018.2?

  • For Tableau Server on Linux, make sure to follow the detailed instructions outlined in the following Tableau Help article: Upgrade Tableau Server on Linux from 10.5.
  • Important: Failing to follow these steps may result in warnings being displayed and your upgrade being cancelled. These extra steps only need to be followed once during the upgrade to 2018.2.
  • Share workbooks and data extracts with other users in your organisation using Tableau Server!

    Read through the links below for advanced knowledge and details:

  • Tech specs
  • Tableau Server on Linux requirements (sudo / static address / drivers)
  • Migrate from Windows to Linux
  • Troubleshoot Tableau Server on Linux
  • Linux: Troubleshoot Tableau Server installation and upgrade
  • Tableau Services Manager replaces the following tools from previous versions of Tableau Server:
    • Tableau Server configuration utility
    • tabadmin command line utility
    • Tableau Server Monitor
  • Troubleshooting extracts on Tableau Server

    If your users experience or report any of the following behaviours while performing an extract task, they may be running into an incompatibility scenario. Please redirect them to the following Knowledge Base articles to resolve the error(s).

  • "This workbook uses a .hyper extract and is not compatible with this version of Tableau. Open this workbook in Tableau 10.5 or later."
  • "Export as version" grayed out for workbooks with .hyper extract.
  • "The document cannot be downgraded, because it contains direct connections to .hyper extracts."
  • The view changes after upgrading (becomes blank, fewer marks in the view, more null values when you inspect the summary data, or the view itself has a different shape).
  • For more information about updating extract data sources that are published to Tableau Server, see Update Server data sources that are using extracts in Tableau Help.
  • Get help

    Technical support
    Open a support case. For the fastest possible support, please include the following information:
  • Screenshots of the issue and any error messages (expanded)
  • How far you were into the upgrade process
  • Server logs
  • Note: you can take a log file snapshot and send it to Tableau Support directly from the Tableau Services Manager UI or CLI.
  • msinfo32.exe system report
  • Best times to call

  • Professional Services
    Our consultants can accelerate your upgrade and help you unlock the value in your data.