Tableau Premium Support

Get coverage that scales with your environment

Maintenance ends for Tableau versions 2019.3.x – 2020.3.x on 11 November 2021. Learn more

Support that meets your unique needs

Tableau Premium Support brings agility and scale to your business with advanced support and our fastest response times. Designed for enterprises running mission-critical workloads, Premium Support can help you proactively protect your business, drive operational efficiencies and create an optimal experience for your team.

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Deployment strategy

We’ll work with you to understand your business goals and develop a Tableau deployment plan that helps you meet them.

Agile deployment

Our goal is to help you deploy, measure, monitor and govern self-service analytics at scale.

Proficient users

We provide the support your administrators need to boost utilisation and enhance your environment’s performance.



Phoebe, technical account manager

Meet Phoebe,
a technical account manager

Technical account managers (TAMs) like Phoebe are at the heart of Tableau’s Premium Support experience. These expert problem-solvers get to know the unique needs of your business, ensuring fast resolution without the need to explain your scenario from scratch every time. Phoebe and her teammates will partner with you every step of the way.

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From day one, Tableau’s Premium Support team built tremendous trust with our key technical decision-makers. Our TAM provided oversight for all of our key cases, educated our team on the Tableau platform evolution, helped with a complex upgrade and delivered impactful deployment reviews that resulted in improved performance.

24/7 support,
365 days a year

Faster response and
follow-up time, every time

An assigned technical expert and prioritised access to our development team

Explore the benefits of Premium Support

Risk mitigation

Your TAM will work collaboratively with you to ensure the health and reliability of your environment.

  • Audit and document your current environment
  • Enable seamless expansion and upgrade efforts
  • Proactive escalation of potentially at-risk cases

Emergency response

Our global team of senior support engineers responds within minutes to help resolve your issue.

  • 24/7 global coverage
  • Resolve failed upgrades and disaster recovery
  • Exclusive access to the product development team

Fast resolution

Our dedicated support team provides industry-leading SLAs to rapidly resolve your issues.

  • Dedicated team of senior support engineers
  • Access to our fastest SLAs
  • 1:1 hands-on resolution

Optimal environment

We analyse usage data and deliver actionable recommendations to optimise your environment.

  • Regular deployment reviews
  • Analyse case escalation data and identify threats
  • Inefficiency insights to improve performance

Support partner

We learn your system inside and out to provide personalised support and correct areas that tend to fail silently.

  • Root cause analysis
  • Prioritised feature request and pre-release access
  • Exclusive programmes, forums and a community group

Tech services that suit your needs

Tailor support services to meet your immediate and long-range objectives


Choose the right option for you:

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Premium support

Premium Support, our top-tier support offering, provides complete, proactive account care you can rely on. Premium Support offers a comprehensive set of resources, extended availability and the fastest response time to service issues with 24/7 support for P1 and P2 issues.

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Extended support

Extended Support enables your organisation to avoid or reduce downtime and expedite the value of your investment through accelerated response times and the additional availability of 24/7 weekend support for critical P1 issues.

Did you know? Standard Support is included with a subscription purchase, in the first year of a perpetual licence or with an annual maintenance renewal after the first year of a perpetual licence.


Compare support plan benefits

Standard, extended and premium support
Plan benefits Standard support Extended support Premium support
Contact options Online Online Online, phone
Communities and Knowledge Base
Coverage Business hours Business hours 24/7 (P1 only) Business hours 24/7 (P1 & P2)
P1, P2 issue response time 8h, 24h 2h, 8h 30 mins, 2h
P1, P2 issue update frequency 24h, 72h 24h, 48h Twice daily, 24h
Named contacts 3 5 5  
Technical account manager    
Key event management    
Service level agreement**
Deployment reviews*
Recurring status calls & service reports
Online update guidance
Upgrade assistance*
Strategic planning
Special programmes and forum access
Senior support team
24/7 mission-critical phone support
Case escalation and oversight
On-site escalation management*
Product roadmap participation
Prioritised feature request reviews
Feature request feedback sessions
Proactive escalations
Root cause analysis
Sandbox site**

* - Items denoted with a ‘*’ are for customers with on-premises Tableau Server environments only.

** - Items denoted with a ‘**’ are for customers with Tableau Online environments only.


Supported versions

Tableau provides technical support for each version of the product for twenty-four (24) months after release. For an additional twelve (12) months, Tableau Technical Support will assist with issues in the documentation and with any requests to upgrade.

To ensure the safety of your data and deployments, Tableau only supports downloading product versions for twenty-four (24) months after release. Older versions have reached their end of life and are no longer supported. They are also not assessed for potential security issues and do not receive security updates.

Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server
Version End date for support


7 September, 2023


23 June, 2023


25 March, 2023


14 December, 2022


11 November, 2021


11 November, 2021


11 November, 2021


11 November, 2021


11 November, 2021


21 November, 2021


14 August, 2021


29 April, 2021


30 January, 2021

For versions 2019.3-2020.3, customers have access to technical support for thirty (30) months from the original release date. For versions 2020.4-2021.3, customers have access to technical support for an additional six (6) months from the end date for support listed above. For further details regarding support eligibility for these versions, see Tableau moving to 24-month support policy and Early end of maintenance for Tableau products.

Tableau Prep
Version End date for support


7 September, 2023


7 July, 2023


23 June, 2023


11 May, 2023


6 April, 2023


25 March, 2023


19 January, 2023


14 December, 2022


11 November, 2021


11 November, 2021


11 November, 2021


11 November, 2021


11 November, 2021


11 November, 2021


11 November, 2021


11 November, 2021


11 November, 2021


11 November, 2021


11 November, 2021


11 November, 2021


11 November, 2021


8 October, 2021


24 September, 2021


2 July, 2021


4 June, 2021


21 May, 2021


2 October, 2021


5 September, 2021


10 July, 2021


13 June, 2021


7 May, 2021


8 April, 2021


6 March, 2021


13 February, 2021


12 January, 2021


12 December, 2020

For versions 2019.3-2020.3, customers have access to technical support for thirty (30) months from the original release date. For versions 2020.4-2021.3, customers have access to technical support for an additional six (6) months from the end date for support listed above. For further details regarding support eligibility on these versions, see Tableau moving to 24-month support policy and Early end of maintenance for Tableau products.


Targeted response times

When you submit a request, our team will provide you with a case number and identify next steps as quickly as possible. For additional information, see our Support FAQs.

If issues aren’t resolved after the initial response, we’ll investigate using the data provided. Below are the targeted response times for continued investigations.

Compare response times for Standard, Extended and Premium Support
P1 target response times 8 hours 2 hours 30 minutes
P1 update frequency 24 hours 24 hours Twice daily
P2 target response time 24 hours 8 hours 2 hours
P2 update frequency 72 hours 48 hours 24 hours
P3 target response time 72 hours 72 hours 1 business day
P3 update frequency Weekly Weekly 3 business days
P4 target response time Weekly Weekly 3 business days
P4 update frequency Bi-weekly Bi-weekly Weekly

Business hours


Monday to Friday
6AM to 6PM PST

Asia Pacific

Monday to Friday
8AM to 5PM Singapore time

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Monday to Friday
8AM to 5PM GMT

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