Known issues

Use this list to see if an issue affecting you is already known and decide when to upgrade. Fixed issues are removed after 45 days. All fixed issues can be found in Release notes.

You can find the current status of Tableau Online on the Tableau Trust site; this includes info on site downtime and planned maintenance.

Issue ID Product Description Status
1108862 Tableau Desktop

The following error sometimes occurred when importing custom geocoding: "Unable to complete action. Internal Error - an unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed. Error code: 6EA18A9E"

1042084 Tableau Desktop

Connecting to some Web Data Connectors from Tableau Desktop 2019.4 resulted in an error "The web data connector returned invalid data. Error Code: 95BE3012"

1061001 Tableau Desktop

Workbooks using Oauth connections published with "prompt credentials" sometimes failed to publish with an "Internal Server Error TableauException" error.

923017 Tableau Prep

In Tableau Prep Builder, sometimes bigint data was rounded incorrectly.

930904, 1031927 Tableau Prep

String values with capital letters are treated inconsistently in out-of-sample values.

887191 Tableau Prep

When changing column order at Clean step in Prep interface, the order is retained in output file, but, when executing the same flow file from Command Line interface, the column order is not retained and revert back to original order in the data source.

1106641 Tableau Prep

New option to Preview data based on refresh type (Full or Incremental) to accommodate new, potentially different, write options users can specify, is non-functional in Tableau Prep 2020.2.1.

1111472 Tableau Prep, Tableau Server

Tableau Prep Builder failed incremental refresh when the published extract is encrypted.

1079300 Tableau Prep

In the new feature for 2020.3.1 called Write to Database, if the database or schema does not have any tables (it is empty), navigating to the schema or database will not be possible. The schema needs to have at least one table created to be visible for selection.

1050855, 1082779 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

After enabling the Catalog feature or upgrading Tableau Server, existing prep flows with the lineage File > Published Data source > Flow > Second Published Data Source did not display the second data source or any associated workbooks.

1031599 Tableau Server

Node became unlicensed when moving the license service to another node in multi-node server environment

1135028 Tableau Server

On Tableau Server version 2020.2.2 and 2020.2.3 using the Data Management Add-on with a large amount of content, performance and disk space issues would occur with the Repository.

1136618 Tableau Server

Starting with Tableau Server 2020.1.0, performance of connections to dataserver would degrade over time.

1100741 Tableau Server Management Add-on

During Agent registration in the Resource Monitoring Tool, the final 'Register Agent' button was enabled before the page redirect occurred.

1114634 Tableau Server Management Add-on

The Resource Monitoring Tool failed the initial setup when a fully qualified domain name was provided in the host field. The default security certificate now accepts fully qualified domain names for the host.

1129991 Tableau Server Management Add-on

The Resource Monitoring Tool listened over port 9001 by default rather than port 80 after initial setup was complete.

1115795 Tableau Server Management Add-on

In the Resource Monitoring Tool, the 'Site' filter on the 'Insights' page did not properly filter the extract refresh list.

1127214 Tableau Server Management Add-on

In some scenarios, the Resource Monitoring Tool showed null values in the 'Last Executed' field for data queries.

1099356 Tableau Server Management Add-on

The axes on the Resource Monitoring Tool 'Insights' chart was not aligned for average and maximum values.

1118881 Tableau Server Management Add-on

The Chargeback report of the Resource Monitoring Tool would not populate with data when multiple environments were configured and one of the Tableau Server environments had no data.

1039733 Tableau Server Management Add-on

The "rmtadmin" command line tool failed to execute and logged an exception when not run from an elevated permission command prompt.

1089942 Tableau Server Management Add-on

Resource Monitoring Tool upgrades will now apply a configuration change that will allow Postgres connections on FIPS-enabled servers.

1130001 Tableau Server Management Add-on

During the initial setup, the wording for the 'Host' field requirements of the Resource Monitoring Tool has been updated to reflect that this field should rarely be changed.

1098117 Tableau Server Management Add-on

In some cases, the Resource Monitoring Tool would allow a new environment to be created that had the same name of an environment pending deletion.

1129051 Tableau Online

The Export and Toggle buttons on Stories with embedded dashboards and device specific layouts were unresponsive when using a mobile browser.

894627 Tableau Online

Worksheets containing a Boolean filter from a Snowflake data source change after publishing and show incorrect data.

893668 Tableau Online

Sometimes, temp files generated by Tableau Bridge continued to increase over time and were not cleared out as expected.

853138, 783217 Tableau Online

Published workbooks or data sources connected to MySQL 8 sometimes encountered issues, including extract refresh failure, failure to render the view, data rendering incorrectly and string fields appearing blank.

886877 Tableau Online

Tableau Online admin views sometimes took a long time to load, or eventually timed out.

947669 Tableau Online

Connecting to Postgres via Tableau Online was successful, but error "syntax error at or near "ta"" was seen in the PostgreSQL logs.

1094586 Tableau Online

When using a dynamic parameter in a dashboard published to Tableau Online, updated data did not appear after extract refresh.

1068267 Tableau Online

When a scheduled extract refresh of a Quickbooks Online data source runs on Tableau Online, the following error occurs intermittently: "Intuit API Authentication error: Invalid authentication tokens. Login again and retry."

1079205 Tableau Online

The error "Communication with the Tableau Protocol Server process was lost" occurred when refreshing an extract, refreshing a Prep flow or when a subscription failed.

1099435 Tableau Bridge

Tableau Bridge was not always able to recover after a network failure

927251 Tableau Desktop

Some of the regions of Ghana were not recognized.

Fixed in 2019.1.17, 2019.2.13, 2019.3.9, 2019.4.8, 2020.1.5, 2020.2.2
1083931 Tableau Desktop

SAP BW extract refresh would sometimes fail due to a timeout limit.

Fixed in 2019.2.13, 2019.3.9, 2020.1.5, 2020.2.2, 2019.4.7
1105426 Tableau Desktop

Nested calculation execution time increased with some visualizations.

Fixed in 2019.3.9, 2019.4.8, 2020.1.5, 2020.2.2
1091692 Tableau Desktop

Using a published Spatial file and an action filter from one dashboard to another dashboard, the resulting map displayed no data when the secondary dashboard used a different primary data source.

Fixed in 2019.3.9, 2019.4.8, 2020.1.5, 2020.2.2
1086360 Tableau Desktop

When publishing to a Tableau Server Site with more than 3,000 projects, not all projects displayed.

Fixed in 2019.4.8, 2020.1.5, 2020.2.2
1126727 Tableau Desktop

Sometimes when using Explain Data, the error, "unable to poll port number of Yaxcatd" would occur.

Fixed in 2019.4.8, 2020.1.5, 2020.2.2
1122084 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

An unknown type being read from Presto JDBC was returned as an integer instead of a string.

Fixed in 2020.1.5, 2020.1.5
1106142 Tableau Desktop

Selecting "Update Now" with a grouped Dimension when using Quickbooks Online resulted in the error: 6EA18A9E.

Fixed in 2020.1.5, 2020.2.2
1106486 Tableau Desktop

The RANK_DENSE function tooltip would sometimes show "Ausdruck" instead of the correct expression when the German language was previously set.

Fixed in 2020.1.5, 2020.2.2
1108560 Tableau Desktop

With "My Tableau Repository" configured on a network drive the error, "Error Code: 37CE01A3. There was a problem and the data engine could not start properly." occurred when connecting to data.

Fixed in 2020.1.5, 2020.2.2
1031097 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

Tableau Desktop 2019.4.0 does not recognize the following 3 Japanese cities: 1. 丹波篠山市 (Tamba-Sasayama, Hyōgo)- city changed its name from 篠山市 to 丹波篠山市 in May 2019. 2. 標津町 (Shibetsu-chō, Hokkaido) 3. 那珂川市 (Nakagawa, Fukuoka)- city founded on October 2018, from 筑紫郡那珂川町.

Fixed in 2019.1.11, 2019.1.11, 2019.2.7, 2019.2.7, 2019.3.3, 2019.3.3, 2019.4.1, 2019.4.1, 2020.2
1072764 Tableau Desktop

SAML SSO sometimes failed with the following error "ERROR 6: SSL handshake failed".

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1114467 Tableau Desktop

Using Tableau Desktop command line tool to refresh extracts "tableau refreshextract" sometimes resulted with "Internal error"

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1099979 Tableau Desktop

When an English workbook with Union Data is opened in Non-English Tableau Desktop versions 2020.1 and over, there are added Non-English translation of 'Sheet' and 'Table Name' fields added to the Union resulting in "Unknown Column Error".

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1115121 Tableau Desktop

Key already activated error would sometimes display during activation when the product key had expired.

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1070364 Tableau Prep

"Group and Replace" sometimes resulted in the following error "System error: com.tableau.loom.doc.exceptions.LoomIOException: Problem with IO:Failure evaluating to database hyper_execute_query: 0 collation mismatch, use COLLATE statements to resolve"

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1088614 Tableau Prep

When connected to Snowflake, selecting a database sometimes reset the selected warehouse.

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1087177 Tableau Prep

The incorrect schema displayed when switching from "Create table" to "Add data to table" with an existing table.

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1083254 Tableau Prep

Filtering 750 or more rows in a Clean step sometimes resulted in the error "System error: java.lang.StackOverflowError"

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1068437 Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep did not always return the expected number of custom split columns when the number of splits needed varied greatly across rows.

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1079706 Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep logs rotated based only on timestamp, not size limit.

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1109030 Tableau Prep

After launching Tableau Prep on a Mac, the zoom shortcuts "command and +" or "command and -" did not respond for other applications.

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1085364 Tableau Prep

Searching for RANK() or ROW_NUMBER() in the calculation editor did not provide enough information to help with writing a full calculation.

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1104549 Tableau Prep

Publishing a flow created when Tableau Online was auto signed in on launch sometimes resulted in one of the following errors "All publish steps must publish to the currently connected server "tableau_online_instance" and site "site_name". Update the publish sets then re-publish the flow. Or All published data source inputs must be from the same server or site where you publish the flow. Either publish the flow to that server or site or connect to published data sources from the currently connected server "tableau_online_instance" and site "site_name"."

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1107251 Tableau Prep

When connected to a published data source, invalid calculated fields did not show an error.

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1051728 Tableau Prep

Performance problem resulted starting in 2019.4.2 for some flows with Union.

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1019207 Tableau Prep

Flow execution error occurred, "Failure evaluating to database: "hyper_execute_query". Could not execute the given query. The result status code is 7." when multiple data sources unioned to include a live Teradata data source.

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1049181 Tableau Prep

CSV output did not match the result displayed in Tableau Prep Builder.

Fixed in 2020.2.3
1119110 Tableau Prep

"Direct Connection" and "Publish Data Source" options were missing when a flow was published from 2020.2.1.

Fixed in 2020.2.3
899246 Tableau Server

Initialize-TSM sometimes failed on a new installation after an obliterate was performed on the previous installation.

Fixed in 2018.1.25, 2018.2.22, 2018.3.19, 2019.1.17, 2019.2.13, 2019.3.9, 2019.4.8, 2020.1.5, 2020.2.2
1103009 Tableau Server

Tableau Server backup creation sometimes failed with a read timeout error.

Fixed in 2019.3.9, 2019.4.8, 2020.1.5
1092484 Tableau Server

When Tabcmd export was used for both png and pdf, the exported image showed the "ALL" filter option in an unexpected language.

Fixed in 2019.3.9, 2019.4.8, 2020.1.5, 2020.2.2
1050562 Tableau Server

When web editing, the last extract time of a published data source sometimes showed the incorrect time zone.

Fixed in 2019.4.8, 2020.1.5, 2020.2.2
1066554 Tableau Server

When a worksheet is download as a crosstab or other format using the Safari browser, the file name was set to "Download Crosstab.csv" instead of the sheet name.

Fixed in 2019.4.8, 2020.1.5, 2020.2.2
1091064 Tableau Server

With "Force Password update" set on Tableau Server and a username contained a space, the password reset failed.

Fixed in 2019.4.8
957718, 957717 Tableau Server

Deprecated mobile web browser authoring experience.

Fixed in 2020.1.5
1090714 Tableau Server

When the locale is Bulgaria, the date parameter did not display the selected date.

Fixed in 2020.1.5, 2020.2.2
1091281 Tableau Server

In some cases, Tableau Server was in a degraded state and Data Engine in an error state after upgrading to 2020.2, with several "No internal setting" errors present in the Hyper configuration file.

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1112759 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Some published views based on Google BigQuery failed to load with the message "The Google BigQuery Service was Unable to Compile the Query" after upgrading to 2020.2

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1090677 Tableau Server

Attempting to create a performance recording in Tableau Server 2020.2 resulted in an error message with a timestamp and a random string of characters, such as "2020-06-10 10:22:09:416 (XnSwDTMMx6YXaenWwS@v3wAAAko, 0:0)

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1092318 Tableau Server

The new "export crosstab" dialog will now default the selection to the active sheet. It is not required to select a sheet prior to selecting "export crosstab".

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1120194 Tableau Server Management Add-on

When using locked content permissions, Data Acceleration or Active Directory sync, content migration failed with a deserialization error.

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1112495 Tableau Server Management Add-on

When using the Content Migration Tool to migrate content produced by Tableau Prep Builder or Prep Conductor, the following error occurred "Unsupported published data source document version. Published data source document version is 10.5 and must be upgraded to at least 18.1 to be migrated."

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1116708 Tableau Server Management Add-on

In some cases, the query page of the Resource Monitoring Tool encountered exceptions when queries that were still being processed were sorted.

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1103580 Tableau Server Management Add-on

Logic has been improved for the Agent component of the Resource Monitoring Tool to limit log file size by eliminating duplicate error messages in cases where the Agent is not able to communicate with the Master.

Fixed in 2020.2.2
1119550 Tableau Bridge

The edit icon disappeared from Tableau Bridge after the Edit and Save Changes option was selected the first time only.

Fixed in 20202.20.0614.2338
929882 Tableau Bridge

New Feature - Enterprise-wide Private Network Data Access We have modified how Tableau Online connects to private network data - whether the data resides on-premise or within a virtual private cloud. There is centralized management for Bridges that can now process multiple extract refreshes in parallel and pool them together for better resource utilization. Easily connect to AWS, Redshift, Snowflake, and other cloud data stores even within a VPC through Bridge. Manage everything on the web without logging into the Bridge client.

Fixed in 20202.20.0614.2338
942529 Tableau Mobile

Added a new feature - Metrics, allowing you to track your key business data and compare values over time.

Fixed in 2020.601.3874
1089046 Tableau Mobile

Improved sign-in screens for the mobile app.

Fixed in 2020.601.3874
795562 Tableau Mobile

You can now open links to your dashboards and metrics in Tableau Mobile when using Tableau Server 2020.2 and newer versions or Tableau Online.

Fixed in 2020.601.3874