Known issues

Use this list to see if an issue affecting you is already known and decide when to upgrade. Fixed issues are removed after 45 days. All fixed issues can be found in Release notes.

You can find the current status of Tableau Online on the Tableau Trust site; this includes info on site downtime and planned maintenance.

Issue ID Product Description Status
1008099 Tableau Desktop

From Tableau Desktop, when selecting Tableau Server on the data source page to connect to a published data source, one or more published data sources were missing and/or could not be used.

1031097 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

Tableau Desktop 2019.4.0 does not recognize the following 3 Japanese cities: 1. 丹波篠山市 (Tamba-Sasayama, Hyōgo)- city changed its name from 篠山市 to 丹波篠山市 in May 2019. 2. 標津町 (Shibetsu-chō, Hokkaido) 3. 那珂川市 (Nakagawa, Fukuoka)- city founded on October 2018, from 筑紫郡那珂川町.

946418 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep

When installing or upgrading to a Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder version released after 1 June 2019 on macOS Catalina, a “‘Tableau Desktop.pkg’ can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.” error occurred. This behaviour is related to the macOS notarisation process.

956936 Tableau Desktop

TabPy secure connections do not work for Tableau Desktop on MacOS. The current method for gathering certificates to perform client side validation in Tableau Desktop requires curl built with OpenSSL while MacOS uses DarwinSSL which does not share the same functionality.

1042084 Tableau Desktop

Connecting to some Web Data Connectors from Tableau Desktop 2019.4 resulted in an error "The web data connector returned invalid data. Error Code: 95BE3012"

1061001 Tableau Desktop

Workbooks using Oauth connections published with "prompt credentials" sometimes failed to publish with an "Internal Server Error TableauException" error.

1058402 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

Connections to CSV files using a separator other than comma (,) sometimes did not bring in all data.

923017 Tableau Prep

In Tableau Prep Builder, sometimes bigint data was rounded incorrectly.

936130 Tableau Prep

When attempting to run a flow that contains many inputs the following error occurs: "Failure evaluating to database: ERROR: collation mismatch, use COLLATE statements to resolve."

1012011 Tableau Prep

When publishing several steps by right clicking "Save Flow As" > "Publish to Server", the publish dialog starts off with the "Saved Steps" tag added to the published flow. However, if the user clicks around in the publish dialog, that tag disappears.

956900 Tableau Prep

When running a flow of Oracle data that involves a join between two aggregates in Tableau Prep 2019.2.3, it gives the error "Something went wrong and we were unable to process output step: Failure parsing AQL: Oracle database error 972: ORA-00972: identifier is too long..."

1007106 Tableau Prep

Prep Builder page is blank when trying to load flow editor due to a race condition affecting the scripts that need to be loaded.

1027065 Tableau Prep, Tableau Online

Unable to cancel a running Prep flow in Tableau Online. Flow stuck "in progress" blocking other flows from running.

930904, 1031927 Tableau Prep

String values with capital letters are treated inconsistently in out-of-sample values.

1015533 Tableau Prep

Attempting to overwrite a published data source using Tableau Prep Builder sometimes resulted in the following error "loomTableauServerResourceBundle-VizportalPublishDatasourceExceptionMsg"

1000737 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Subscriptions created between 10/23 and 11/05 may not run on Tableau Online and instead the error "NullPointerException" is received.

952499 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When you made a filter selection and then selected multiple marks on the view, sometimes incorrect marks were highlighted.

942248, 958266 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

After editing the credentials for a cross-database join, "test connection" and subsequent refreshes failed with an "Invalid username or password" error.

984027 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

A giant "X" appears when viewing custom views in Tableau Server on Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 7.

1022552, 1022748 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Hourly schedules now being scheduled to run at the top of the hour, rather than every half hour on top of the hour and at the 30 minute inteval.

1017033 Tableau Server

When using Run Now to run an extract, the job creator ID displayed was for the user who created the extract task, not the user who ran the task.

1017030 Tableau Server

Refreshes scheduled via Tableau Desktop had a creator ID of 0, rather than the ID of the user who scheduled the refresh.

1031327 Tableau Server

When upgrading Tableau Server on Windows from 2018.1.x and earlier versions (all pre-TSM) to 2019.4 through a non-default location, the installer does not present the 'Upgrade Tableau Server...' option, as it does not recognize the non-default install location, but instead does a clean install.

1035520 Tableau Server

Restoring Tableau Server required twice the expected amount of available disk space.

1034211 Tableau Server

Running -tsm maintenance ziplogs sometimes failed with an error during the step "100% - Writing ziplogs archive to disk" and the resulting .zip file was missing files. For more information, see this KB.

1064074 Tableau Server

Signing into Tableau Server and loading embedded views sometimes failed on Safari 12 after upgrading Tableau Server to 2019.4.2, 2019.3.4, 2019.2.8, 2019.1.12, 2019.3.14, 2018.2.17, 2018.1.20, 10.5.23, or 10.4.24.

990611 Tableau Online

When Tableau Bridge client is not running, sometimes no email notifications are sent to the data source owner that the next scheduled refresh is going to fail.

894627 Tableau Online

Worksheets containing a Boolean filter from a Snowflake data source change after publishing and show incorrect data.

893668 Tableau Online

Sometimes, temp files generated by Tableau Bridge continued to increase over time and were not cleared out as expected.

927551, 783217 Tableau Online

Blank data displays intermittently when accessing published workbook views using live MySQL connection.

853138, 783217 Tableau Online

Published workbooks or data sources connected to MySQL 8 sometimes encountered issues, including extract refresh failure, failure to render the view, data rendering incorrectly and string fields appearing blank.

927680 Tableau Online

After changing the site URL of a Tableau Online site, the following error occurred when using Tableau Desktop to open a workbook that connected to a data source published before the site URL change was made: "Item not found (error code 12)"

959054, 962483 Tableau Online

Attempting to publish a SAP HANA data source (live connection with SSL) to Tableau Online would fail and the following error would occur: "Tableau Online can't connect to the data source specified or publish it with a live connection. You might need to add Tableau Online to your data provider's authorized list, using the IP address range appropriate for your site location."

886877 Tableau Online

Tableau Online admin views sometimes took a long time to load, or eventually timed out.

947669 Tableau Online

Connecting to Postgres via Tableau Online was successful, but error "syntax error at or near "ta"" was seen in the PostgreSQL logs.

1054774 Tableau Online

Clicking "Cancel Extract Creation" sometimes failed with "Failed to cancel extract creation job" and extract continued to process.

1028076 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

All Tableau releases have been upgraded to JDK 8 minor version 232 GA.

Fixed in 10.4.23, 10.5.22, 2018.1.19, 2018.2.16, 2018.2.16, 2018.3.13, 2018.3.13, 2019.1.11, 2018.1.19, 2019.1.11, 2019.2.7, 2019.2.7, 2019.3.3, 2019.3.3, 2019.4.1, 2019.4.1
1018977 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

In MacOS Mojave dark mode, significant UI text is missing in the Data pane, Analytics pane, and Save dialog when exiting.

Fixed in 10.4.23, 10.5.22, 2018.1.19, 2018.2.16, 2018.2.16, 2018.3.13, 2018.3.13, 2019.1.11, 2018.1.19, 2019.1.11, 2019.2.7, 2019.2.7, 2019.3.3, 2019.3.3, 2019.4.1, 2019.4.1
1012201 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

Embedded views failed to load after updating to Chrome 80. For more information and solutions, see this KB.

Fixed in 10.4.24, 10.5.23, 2018.1.20, 2018.1.20, 2018.2.17, 2018.2.17, 2018.3.14, 2018.3.14, 2019.1.12, 2019.1.12, 2019.2.8, 2019.2.8, 2019.3.4, 2019.3.4, 2019.4.2, 2019.4.2
1027831 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Tableau Server users with incorrect Google BigQuery permissions must wait up to 5-7 minutes before being given the opportunity to change credentials due to retry logic.

Fixed in 10.5.22, 2018.1.19, 2018.2.16, 2018.2.16, 2018.3.13, 2018.3.13, 2018.1.19, 2019.4
1040176 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

If there is an increase in settings like nprocs and other process limits on a Linux system running Tableau, then there should be an increase in kernel.pid_max and vm.max_map_count to avoid native thread errors.

Fixed in 2018.1.20, 2018.1.20, 2018.2.17, 2018.2.17, 2018.3.14, 2018.3.14, 2019.1.12, 2019.1.12, 2019.2.8, 2019.2.8, 2019.3.4, 2019.3.4, 2019.4.2, 2019.4.2
985225 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

Confusing registration file warning message, "Unable to flatten service registration info, because there is no registration file." needs no action from users setting configuration using TSM.

Fixed in 2018.2.17, 2018.2.17, 2018.3.14, 2018.3.14, 2019.1.12, 2019.1.12, 2019.2.8, 2019.2.8, 2019.3.4, 2019.3.4, 2019.4.2, 2019.4.2
1031830 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

Arbitrary 10k limit for SSL certificate chain file upload causes this error, "External SSL Configuration Error: The file 'intermediate_longer.cert' exceeds the maximum allowed size of '10.240' bytes."

Fixed in 2018.2.17, 2018.2.17, 2018.3.14, 2018.3.14, 2019.1.12, 2019.1.12, 2019.2.8, 2019.2.8, 2019.3.4, 2019.3.4, 2019.4.2, 2019.4.2
1030952 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

On a live site: extract refresh succeeded, then seemed to fail, but in fact did succeed and recorded new versions of everything in postgres, before deleting the new extracts so workbooks point to nowhere.

Fixed in 2018.3.13, 2018.3.13, 2019.1.11, 2019.1.11, 2019.2.7, 2019.2.7, 2019.3.3, 2019.3.3, 2019.4.1, 2019.4.1
967899 Tableau Desktop

DataServer data source with default sort created and published in Tableau Desktop 2018.1, but when this data source is used with Tableau Desktop or Web Editor, then saved to a server that is > 2018.1 the default sort is not respected.

Fixed in 2018.3.13, 2019.1.11, 2019.2.7, 2019.3.3, 2019.4.1
1047218 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

Upgrading from Tableau 2019.1 build number 19.1216.2115 to Tableau 2019.1 build number 19.1217.2115 fails, while restoring repository.

Fixed in 2018.3.14, 2018.3.14, 2019.1.12, 2019.1.12
1047962 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

Tableau 2018.3 fails to upgrade with error, "The data directory was initialized by PostgreSQL version 9.5, which is not compatible with this version 9.6.15".

Fixed in 2018.3.14, 2018.3.14, 2019.1.12, 2019.1.12
1004488 Tableau Desktop

When connecting to CSV files from a Dutch locale version of Tableau Desktop, initially 'comma' is not recognized as a field separator. After selecting any other character and then changing it back to comma, everything works as expected. The issue does not occur when using a different locale, for example English (Ireland).

Fixed in 2018.3.14, 2019.1.12, 2019.2.8, 2019.3.4, 2019.4.2
984262 Tableau Desktop

When connecting to multiple SAP HANA tables, vertical scrollbars were not enabled for Variables or Input Parameters.

Fixed in 2019.1.11
1039104 Tableau Desktop

Zip code 60686 was mapped in the incorrect location.

Fixed in 2019.1.12, 2019.2.8, 2019.3.4, 2019.4.2
1026334 Tableau Desktop

The "New Union" button was missing when connecting to DB2.

Fixed in 2019.2.7, 2019.3.3
1023705 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online

After upgrading Tableau Server from 9.3 to 2019.2.4 every URL returns a "414 Request-URI Too Long" error.

Fixed in 2019.2.7, 2019.3.3, 2019.4.1
1003349 Tableau Desktop

Filtering a view based on an extract at the quarter level sometimes filtered all data from the view.

Fixed in 2019.2.7, 2019.3.3, 2019.4.1
1012539 Tableau Desktop

When trying to connect to a published data source from Tableau Desktop on an automatic configuration script (PAC) for proxy settings, no data sources appeared in the Search for Data dialog.

Fixed in 2019.3.3, 2019.4.1
1023006 Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server

After exporting a workbook to PowerPoint, apostrophes " ' " in the workbook name were encoded as "'".

Fixed in 2019.3.4, 2019.3.4, 2019.4.2, 2019.4.2
1006460 Tableau Desktop

Redshift extract creation failed without any error message if a query was cancelled by the database.

Fixed in 2019.3.4, 2019.4.2
1017608 Tableau Prep

If more than 13 alerts or errors were present in a flow, only the first 13 displayed and the rest of the pane was blank.

Fixed in 2019.4.2
1014418 Tableau Prep

Copy and pasting a union in a flow resulted in the following error "the step is missing one or more input"

Fixed in 2019.4.2
999120, 1012267 Tableau Prep

Running a flow sometimes resulted in the error "Failure evaluating to database: No such column".

Fixed in 2019.4.2
1031102 Tableau Prep

When certain departments were selected, the registration window displayed every time Tableau Prep Builder was opened.

Fixed in 2019.4.2
983017 Tableau Prep

On MacOS an error occurs when saving or exporting a packaged flow if wildcard union was used containing names with certain Japanese characters. Saving the same flow on Windows does not show any error.

Fixed in 2019.4.2
951198 Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep 2019.2.3 detects and displays a null value where in previous versions (2019.1.3 & 2019.2.2) the column contained no null values.

Fixed in 2019.4.2
943679 Tableau Prep

Running a flow in Tableau Prep 2019.2.3 outputs a different number of rows than in Tableau Prep 2019.1.4.

Fixed in 2019.4.2
998265 Tableau Prep

Localized "Named Range" string can produce inconsistent results in sheet matching pattern when using a different UI language in Prep Builder.

Fixed in 2019.4.2
955771, 962837 Tableau Prep

When running a flow with a rows-to-columns pivot, the flow fails with the error "Cannot mix aggregate and scalar expressions".

Fixed in 2019.4.2
952122 Tableau Prep

Getting a Java Heap error in Prep 2019.2.3, where the flow used to run in Prep 2019.2.2, due to inefficient memory. (Flow now requiring x 3.5 more memory.)

Fixed in 2019.4.2
984438 Tableau Prep

Error with "Can't find field" after re-opening a flow with a column renamed and then type changed.

Fixed in 2019.4.2
977309 Tableau Prep

System error "Failure evaluating to database: Abstract query SELECT [field name] is not defined" when connecting to an excel file.

Fixed in 2019.4.2
984881 Tableau Prep

Custom SQL that runs on Tableau Desktop 2019.1.4 fails in Tableau Prep 2019.1.3 and 2019.2.2 with error "function pg_catalog.substring(jsonb, integer, integer) does not exist;".

Fixed in 2019.4.2
973902 Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep CLI scheduling is not connecting to run flow. Reporting error code (%errorlevel%) is showing "0" stating that nothing is wrong, when Tableau Prep is unable to reach Tableau Server to publish flow.

Fixed in 2019.4.2
1003540 Tableau Prep

If not selecting all input nodes for a union, the "Save steps as flow" will fail. Copying some of the inputs to a union and pasting it into the same flow will cause the union step to display an error that can only be resolved by removing the union step and recreating it.

Fixed in 2019.4.2
1017608 Tableau Prep

If a flow contains more than 13 alerts/errors in the Alerts pane, only the first 13 error messages display, the rest of the list is blank.

Fixed in 2019.4.2
1000827 Tableau Prep

In Italian [it-IT] "Remove Extra Spaces" and "Trim Spaces" have the same translations.

Fixed in 2019.4.2
1046987 Tableau Prep

Connecting to Teradata from Tableau Prep Builder failed with the error "Unable to connect to your data because the Initial SQL parameter 'LoginUser' isn't supported"

Fixed in 2020.1.1
1031644 Tableau Prep

When publishing a flow from the CLI, permission errors of insufficient privilege throw exceptions instead of showing valid error messages, necessitating technical support involvement to troubleshoot.

Fixed in 2020.1.1
955179 Tableau Prep

After launching a statistical file in Tableau Prep Builder 2019.2.3 this error is received, "Tableau Prep Builder stopped running because an underlying process stopped unexpectedly."

Fixed in 2020.1.1
993390, 1054664 Tableau Prep

Prep Builder 2019.3.1 is unable to connect to Google BigQuery. The data does not transition to the flow screen after performing BigQuery authentication in the browser.

Fixed in 2020.1.1
1005095 Tableau Prep

Error saving flow as .tfl after inserting a .tflx into an existing flow. Generic error appears "Can't save the file".

Fixed in 2020.1.1
976395, 985189 Tableau Prep

When running a flow containing a string filter and a left join, the following message is returned, "ERROR: non-NULL value required".

Fixed in 2020.1.1
1027746 Tableau Prep

When trying to create a new calculated field containing an iffnull(), Prep Builder throws error "Unknown Field Name..." despite the field being present in the flow.

Fixed in 2020.1.1
960211 Tableau Server

When passing an invalid filter value from MSAS via URL on Tableau Server, the following error occurs: "Analysis Services database error 0x80004005: Query (16, 52) Parser: The syntax for '' is incorrect."

Fixed in 10.3.26, 10.4.23, 10.5.22, 2018.2.16, 2018.3.13, 2018.1.18, 2019.1.10, 2019.2.6, 2019.3.2
974273 Tableau Server

In a Windows or Linux 3-node environment upgrading from 2018.1 fails to apply topology due to "Rebuild search index" step failing.

Fixed in 2018.2.16, 2018.3.13, 2018.1.19, 2019.1.11, 2019.2.7, 2019.3.3
976789 Tableau Server

Single backgrounder process intermittently hits deadlock on shutdown during periodic restart and enters bad state.

Fixed in 2018.1.20, 2018.2.17, 2018.3.14
1015125 Tableau Server, Tableau Mobile

Restore job's disk space select fails due to over-estimation of space needed for postgres data and produces unclear "checkDiskSpace failure" report.

Fixed in 2018.2.16, 2018.3.13, 2019.1.11, 2019.2.7
1042892 Tableau Server

Certain worksheets do not display data for certain users on Tableau Server, even though permissions match unaffected users.

Fixed in 2018.2.17
973722 Tableau Server

Guest User not appearing under the "Users" tab after enabling at Server and Site levels.

Fixed in 2018.3.13, 2019.1.11, 2019.2.7, 2019.3.3, 2019.4.1
988317 Tableau Server

VizQL Server processes on node6 and node7 intermittently become idle with no log activity reported for the affected vizqlserver processes, but TSM status show all vizqlserver processes are UP.

Fixed in 2018.3.13, 2019.1.11
1031540 Tableau Server

In web authoring, when an Explorer user changes the Filter Type to 'Multiple Values (custom list)' and start adding an item, it causes the following error: "Initial workbook edits for the session were recovered. To open the saved workbook, click File, and then click Revert."

Fixed in 2018.3.14, 2019.1.12, 2019.2.8, 2019.3.4, 2019.4.2
1037888 Tableau Server

When a user tries to access a view through a URL that contains spaces (%20), the user is not logged in, though SAML Authentication and Guest Access is enabled; nor is the user redirected to a login page.

Fixed in 2018.3.14, 2019.1.12, 2019.2.8, 2019.3.4
1041619 Tableau Server

When published to Tableau Server 2018.3.7, the tooltips are slow to render.

Fixed in 2018.3.14, 2019.1.12, 2019.2.8, 2019.3.4
1021803 Tableau Server

UPN prefix longer than 20 characters imports username with sAMAccountName, not UPN prefix as expected.

Fixed in 2019.1.11, 2019.2.7, 2019.3.3, 2019.4.1, 2018.3.3
1027854 Tableau Server

Upgrading Tableau Server failed at "71% - Failed to start search server" and "Failed to rebuild Search Index" if Tableau Server was installed in a file path that contained parentheses "()".

Fixed in 2019.1.11, 2019.2.7, 2019.3.3, 2019.4.1
933984 Tableau Server

When running parallel refreshes of workbooks that contain extracts of published extracts, the error "Transferred a partial file" intermittently occurred.

Fixed in 2019.1.12, 2019.2.8, 2019.3.4, 2019.4.2
988487 Tableau Server

Some worksheets in non-default sites did not load correctly for guest users when guest access was disabled on the default site.

Fixed in 2019.2.7, 2019.3.3, 2019.4.1
1023705 Tableau Server

After upgrading Tableau Server and/or loading a Tableau Server view, errors 400 and 414 occurred. For more information, please refer to this Tableau Knowledge Base article.

Fixed in 2019.2.7, 2019.3.3, 2019.4.1
1044259 Tableau Server

Changing filters sometimes resulted in an "Invalid set function" or "No Such column" error when connected to Redshift.

Fixed in 2019.2.8, 2019.3.4, 2019.4.2
1015560 Tableau Server

Clicking the ID of a failed job from a non-default site resulted in the error "An error occurred while getting the Job Details for this Job".

Fixed in 2019.3.3, 2019.4.1
1040576 Tableau Server

SAMLservice failed to start on multi-node installations of Tableau Server 2019.3 and newer versions with site SAML enabled, which prevented users from logging in.

Fixed in 2019.3.4, 2019.4.2
1032894 Tableau Server

With browser locale set as Indonesian or Hebrew, creating a new workbook or adding a data source failed with the error "The formatters-and-parsers..js file has not been loaded".

Fixed in 2019.3.4, 2019.4.2
1020319 Tableau Server

When adding a node to a Tableau Server cluster on Windows, the installation of Tableau Server on the new node eventually fails and rolls back and the following error might occur: "Tableau Service Manager (TSM) Error: The server may not have started properly. Part of the installer exited with error code:1. Check the logs: [path]\logs\app-worker-install.log for more information. [OK]"

Fixed in 2019.4.1
925155 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

When disabling or unchecking "Allow Support Access" to a Tableau Online site, the following error is displayed: "Some or all of the settings failed to save. Try again."

Fixed in 2019.4.1, 2019.4
838217 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Login to Tableau Server on Linux delayed by 20 to 30 seconds when the echo service is unreachable on domain controllers.

Fixed in 2019.4.1, 2019.4
943537 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Reference line text formatting appears different from Tableau Desktop once published up to Tableau Online.

Fixed in 2019.4.1, 2019.4
949749 Tableau Server, Tableau Public

Subscriptions intermittently fail with error "The view snapshot in this email could not be properly rendered" due to "Datasource not found in repository".

Fixed in 2019.4.1, 2019.4
1026509 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Canceling a background job for a flow failed with a "Failed to cancel background job type[RunFlow]" error.

Fixed in 2019.4.1
1005872 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Canceling a job from the Jobs page successfully stopped the job, but the number under Queue Time (min) continued to increase.

Fixed in 2019.4.1
1023838 Tableau Server, Tableau Online, Tableau Public

When viewing the published workbook, the view loads for a few seconds and then throws Uncaught TypeError: "Cannot read property 'quickFilter' of null" error, when loading dashboard in Tableau Server 2019.4 and later.

Fixed in 2019.4.1
1031475 Tableau Server

Log file growth was faster than expected, and could lead to running out of disk space. For more information, see this Tableau Knowledge Base article.

Fixed in 2019.4.1
1021366 Tableau Server

Some extract refresh failures did not send email notifications.

Fixed in 2019.4.1
1030138 Tableau Server

Installing Tableau Server sometimes failed with an "access violation exception (0xC0000005)" error.

Fixed in 2019.4.1
1026509 Tableau Server

Canceling the background job for a flow failed with the error "Failed to cancel background job type[RunFlow]"

Fixed in 2019.4.1
1030623 Tableau Server

Connecting to Google Sheets via Web Edit sometimes failed with the following error ""An error occurred when connecting to your data source. The data source might be corrupt or not valid."

Fixed in 2019.4.1
1030035 Tableau Server

Tableau Server sometimes failed to send an email when the data engine's status changed.

Fixed in 2019.4.1
1027933 Tableau Server

Searching the Data Pane in Japanese or Chinese sometimes had unexpected results.

Fixed in 2019.4.1
1035904 Tableau Server

Refreshing a Google BigQuery extract that used custom SQL failed with "The Google BigQuery service was unable to compile the query. Syntax error: Unexpected" if certain characters were present in the name of the custom SQL query.

Fixed in 2019.4.1
1028072 Tableau Server, Tableau Online

Unable to connect to Google BigQuery field that is part of a Record. Error "Name 'fieldname' not found inside 'recordname'".

Fixed in 2019.4.1, 2019.4
1033815 Tableau Server

When clicking the "Forgot Password" option from the Tableau Server login page, nothing happened after inputting a username and no e-mail was received.

Fixed in 2019.4.1
1012014 Tableau Server Management Add-on

In the Tableau Server Resource Monitoring tool, icons on the menu bar were close in color to the background and difficult to see.

Fixed in 2019.4.1
1011341 Tableau Server Management Add-on

In the Tableau Content Migration tool, the icon for contacting Support was a similar color to the background and difficult to see.

Fixed in 2019.4.1
1012824 Tableau Server Management Add-on

In the Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool, The CPU usage chart sometimes showed unexpected gaps.

Fixed in 2019.4.1
1026488 Tableau Server Management Add-on

Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool sometimes stopped displaying new data due to high memory usage by a background process.

Fixed in 2019.4.1
901978 Tableau Bridge

Tableau Bridge sometimes generated temp files that did not clear and continued to grow, consuming available disk space.

Fixed in 20194.19.1211.1636
1024779 Tableau Bridge

Tableau Bridge sometimes failed to launch when used with third party data preparation tools.

Fixed in 20194.19.1211.1636
804715 Tableau Mobile

Added the ability to toggle between grid and list views for favorited content.

Fixed in 2019.1212.2956
903785 Tableau Mobile

If you have the Data Management add-on, you will see data quality warnings on Tableau Mobile.

Fixed in 2019.1212.2956
996739 Tableau Mobile

Added server name validation when signing into Tableau Mobile. Entering an invalid server name now results in a “The server name provided is not a valid server URL” message.

Fixed in 2019.1212.2956