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Tableau Server 2022.1.3

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, which contains additional fixes.

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Tableau Server has been updated in alignment with security best practices. We encourage Tableau Server customers to update to the latest version here.

Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

On the Edit Connection dialog, the Test Connection function would display "Could not connect to Server" when the ‘Prompt user for password if needed’ was selected.


Fixed defect which would sometimes log Personal Access Tokens incorrectly resulting in the PAT being recorded in plain text in the internal log repositories.


Redis may continually increase memory usage without releasing on Windows OS.


The bottom axis header would not align correctly when using server rendering and the browser zoom was at 125%.


Grand Totals could be incorrectly aligned on a dashboard when a column header was hidden and client rendering was used. Tableau Desktop would display the Grand Totals correctly.


The shading color of a Grand Total header could look different in Tableau Desktop as compared to Tableau Server.


When upgrading Tableau Server, the upgrade could fail on the step rebuilding the search index. This step failed because the VizPortal could not start due to a proxy environment variable with a trailing slash character.


A Tableau Prep flow could fail on Tableau Server using Snowflake OAuth with Private Link. The access token was not refreshed.


An authentication error with Salesforce data could occur when editing flows or running flows on Tableau Server.


An "Error: An unexpected error occurred" could display when editing and saving an OAuth data source connection in a flow.


The default filter value of a single value drop-down list could be different after a publishing a workbook to Tableau Server.


Server refreshes could fail with the message that "User with id XXXXX does not exist" when run from the Schedules page.


When interacting with a dashboard, the following error could occur intermittently:
"Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'actual_size')".

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Tue, 21 June, 2022