Salesforce and Tableau FAQs

What's the news?
On 1 August 2019, we announced that we had closed the acquisition of Tableau. At the same time, we disclosed that the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) was reviewing the acquisition and had implemented a “hold separate” order, also known as an Initial Enforcement Order or IEO. The IEO required Salesforce and Tableau to operate separately pending the CMA’s review of the acquisition.

The CMA has now revoked the "hold separate" order. As a result, all legal restrictions requiring Tableau and Salesforce to operate separately have been removed.

Will my account team / customer success team / support team change?
No. But you can request joint calls with your Tableau and Salesforce sales, customer success and support teams.

I’m a customer of both Salesforce and Tableau. Who should I call for support?
Customers can continue to contact their existing support teams separately for the platform in question – either at Salesforce or Tableau – and request joint calls as they see fit.

Will Tableau continue to support non-Salesforce CRM products?
Yes. Tableau remains committed to customer choice and flexibility.

Can I buy Salesforce products from Tableau now?
Salesforce products are not available for purchase from Tableau while the CMA completes its review.

Can I buy Tableau products from Salesforce now?
There are no changes to how Tableau products are purchased. You can continue to purchase products as you do normally – from Tableau, a Tableau partner or from the Tableau web store.

Do I need to be a Salesforce customer to buy Tableau products? Will that change in the future?

What will happen with existing contracts?
We are remaining separate companies and will honour existing contracts, so you can proceed with confidence on planned purchases.

My Tableau renewal will be coming up soon, will that be impacted?
No, there are no expected disruptions for Tableau agreement processing.

Can I pull forward my Tableau renewal?
You should discuss the details of this with your Tableau account team or partner.

Can I consolidate my agreements with Tableau and Salesforce?
No, not at this time.

I’m working with a Tableau Partner, will anything change on the status of Tableau Partners?
There are no planned changes for Tableau Partners.

Will I continue to be invoiced by the same entity?
Yes, there are no changes to the invoicing process at this time.

Will Tableau Conference 2019 in Las Vegas still happen?
Absolutely. We are excited to see you there.

Will the Tableau Academic programme continue?
Yes. Helping students and teachers see and understand data is a core part of our mission.

Will Tableau Public still be available for free?
Yes. Tableau Public is part of the foundation of the Tableau Community and no changes are planned.